Monday, August 16, 2010

Frosted Berries

Maybe it's the weather that prompted me to pull "Frosted Berries" back into my casual rotation. Though it did cool down some this weekend and we got a break from the constantly over 90 degree days. 

And while watching the Red Sox play yesterday afternoon, I finished this piece. I had stopped when I had finally mastered the needleweaving of the raspberry leaves. Then I had to remember how to stitch them all over again. But I did. And then continued on making terrific progress until I came to the option of bullions or lazy daisies. 

I have plenty of bullion experience in my past. When I went upstairs to find the proper needles, I also brought down Embroidery from A - Z as a refresher. And for the next hour, I proceeded to prove I know nothing about bullions. My stitches were either too tight to pull the needle through or too loose and looked like crap. Of course, the true waste of time was happening while attempting to thread the darn needle. And I was too lazy to see if I could locate a wire needle threader. 

I finally got one perfect bullion and it was in exactly the right spot. And then proceeded to be unable to duplicate it. 

And then you know what? I finally called it quits and took that bullion out and did lazy daisies. LOL

I finished everything about a 1/2 hour later. 

But I'm looking at my currants and I don't like where I put them. And one or two of the blueberries could use tweeking, too. 

And thus, there is no photo. Because it isn't really finished until I'm happy. 


Bonnie said...

I would have done the same thing! Will this be part of show and tell on Thursday?

Elmsley Rose said...

Oh, I hate bullions. They and trellis stitch are my nesisis (nemisises?)

My idea of a nightmare is the book A-Z of Bullions.

Tho it just means I need to practise more, of course!