Sunday, August 08, 2010

Stitching Progress and a Finish

Constantinople progress. I was so excited when the 6 strands of floss looked better than the Pearl #5 that I stitched the Kreinik braid over it to see how it looked. And of course, I counted wrong that day. It came out yesterday when I realized my error. I can see the end of this project very soon. I should be able to get some time tonight while watching the ballgame. 

And then we have Stars progress:

So. Clark Gable, the second  square is finished. And then I moved on to stitching sashing and sashing corners. Also finished up my top border and will start down the side before stitching the third square on the top. I don't think it shows in this picture...but I apparently caught a strand of that blue Splendor in the top border. I wanted to fret over it. But someone nicely talked me off the ledge. I'll deal with it later. 

Now people who know my stitching projects well might be wondering what could I have possibly finished???

I'll tell you. This is another of those projects where the stitching was finished years ago. And on Friday night, I finished the finishing. This was an EGA class in the spring of 2005 when I was a member of the Mid-Hudson Chapter. The project was a Merry Cox piece from Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly. But that's not what I stitched. I did this little Quaker bird. And it is finished as a needlebook according to Ms. Cox's directions. It's so silly that I put this down. My finishing was halfway done. And now it's completely down, five years later. 

I don't even remember where this pattern came from.  Will take research of a historical nature to find out the answer.

Edit:  Quaker pattern is from Samplers and Such. I did at least write that much in a blog post in March 2005.


Elmsley Rose said...

All look just beautiful. I really love Constaniople.

Kreinikgirl said...

Looks so good!!