Monday, August 23, 2010

I Was Right

I would rather be wrong. But I was right about the traffic on I-95. It gets worse every time I drive this route. Took us nearly two hours to get there yesterday. And on the way home, there was this guy in the blue BMW who couldn't wait. I had watched him zigzag through slow moving traffic coming up behind me. And when he zig to pass me on the right, the truck in front of him had a blow out. Wow. There was some spectacular driving going on to avoid a major incident then. Everyone else slowed even more, except Beemer dude who took this as his excuse to blow everyone away, after he nearly bought the farm. I truly feel sorry for the person just passing through for the first time. 

Son safely ensconced at school. Groceries bought. List growing of things to bring him. All the usual. 

I got almost 3 hours of stitching in at the car dealership today. Finished nunning on half of the inside of the case. One more half to go. And then stitched on my Knautical Knots. Even did the ambassador of stitching thing, by removing earbuds to talk to people about what I was doing. Most interesting random pairing in those three hours of my MP3 player on random was Benedictine Monks followed by Lady Gaga. I want your love and I want your revenge...

1 comment:

Lee said...

So - when you were the ambassador-ess, did you tell them you were nunning? And if you did, did they look at you like you were crazy?