Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dark As Night But It's Morning

The weather craziness continues. I needed headlights this morning to drive DH to the Park N Ride. Apparently somewhere just north of us, some people were getting slammed by a storm. I was hoping for a just a bit of rain, but I can't count on it and needed to go out and water the plants before leaving for Thursday morning stitching. 

Normally I love watering. But not any more. Because the dreaded Asian tiger mosquitoes are back! Good photo and their history here

These bloodsuckers have no respect for daylight hours like our native mosquitoes do. If I stand outside without bug repellent on, I can have 20 of them on me before I can count to 60. I don't see how we can ever not have them here as our gutters (on 150 townhouses) go underground. And some people don't ever clean their gutters. I make certain to clean birdbath at least once a week. Flower pot saucers get emptied. Etc. 

Now I have to put on bug spray just to water. Can't even just sit on the steps for the two minutes it takes me to shuck a few ears of corn. 

I detest, loathe, and abominate these tiny flying, biting voracious wee beasties. 

The good news.  I should finish Constantinople either today or tomorrow. 
The bad news. I bought a skein of #3 white pearl to finish my Ravish Me canvas and now I can't find it. LOL


Kelly said...

I feel for your misquitoe problem. I live in the heart of Chicago and am surrounded mainly by concrete. We usually don't have bugs but was eaten alive last week. I am still itching and scratching a week later. I heard there is something you can buy at the drugstore that helps with the itching.

Front Range Stitcher said...

Sorry you're having trouble with mosquitos. I didn't even want to write out the word for fear it would attract them! We were out looking at the Perseid meteor shower tonight and I expected to be attacked, but not so this year. Other years we've had to load up on the mosy spray. I'm really don't like anything with a stinger. lol