Thursday, August 26, 2010

What I Am I Doing and What I Did

I admit to a nearly pathological compulsion when writing, to write things chronologically. It's like if I try to not follow things in real time, I forget things. 
Thus we start with what I did.

On Tuesday, a friend and I took a drive to Charlottesville. Why? Because we could. And because Threads has a good birthday sale and it was her birthday this month. It's a lovely little place with a friendly staff. It was hard to know where to start - going through the canvases or looking at threads or checking out the rather extensive collection of books. 

Right now they have four completed versions of Tony Minieri's Stars hanging on the walls. And all four of them are different from the colorways our group is doing. So many color combinations - it makes my head spin. They also had two versions with  three motifs stitched vertically with the border - kind of a mini-Stars! My first inclination with this piece was stitch the motifs separately as ornaments (then I just couldn't help myself and decided to stitch the whole thing.) My absolute favorite was one based on SNC's Monster Mash - lime green goodness!

I bought some YLI ribbon floss on sale. A finishing book. The bargello project that was published in Needlepoint Now that a few bloggers have finished this past year. And a black suede book cover with a inset canvas of dragonflies. 

We headed from there to the downtown walking mall. Found lunch at a charming place from the fifties that has been updated, but still has wonderful touches like the black and white hexagonal tile in the bathrooms and crazy ceiling fans.

Stopped in Studio Baboo next, a bead store that doubles as a gift shop. Their website looks so bland compared to the explosion of color that greets you here. I did buy some pearls in autumn colors to string. And some gifty type things for a couple of special people. 

Did I mention how many of these stores have doggie mascots? The white poodle lounging on the counter? The shy welsh corgie in the bookstore? You can tell what kind of college town it is by how it treats its dogs. 

Next - the Needle Lady. This place is for you yarn lovers. Though they do carry a certain amount of hand painted canvas and threads for stitching, including the Plant Earth Fiber silks which are gorgeous! We didn't purchase anything here, but this place seemed like a mecca for a certain type of college girls who have just returned to school. 

Lastly, and the place where we had the best conversation, we found Blue Ridge Beads and Glass over on Allied Street.  The owner, Jerry O'Dell, doesn't just have a thing for beads. He's an artist who paints, sculpts, and does stained glass. I fell madly in love with several of his paintings. And we simply had a delightful time here. 

Now, I truly apologize for not thinking to take my camera. I'd forgotten to put it back in my purse where it usually is. 

And what I am doing today, I also cannot document with photos. Unless you want to see me on the news tonight under the headline Virginia Woman in Fracas with Secret Service. 

We're off to do one of those must do D.C. things that we have never done before:  a White House Tour. This means I only get to have a quick visit with my Thursday morning friends before I must rush off to meet my hubby. Last night I cooked - steak and artichokes and champagne in the glasses from our wedding - so tonight we'll go out. And tomorrow night, tickets for Tony Bennett at Wolf Trap!

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I want to do a Charlottesville road trip!!!!!