Sunday, August 22, 2010

College Trip Today

It's time for the boy to return to school. Am always happy at this time of year that it's only a sixty mile drive. Notice I put this in miles, not time. Sometimes it has taken more than two hours to do this drive. Interstate 95, I curse you!

For E.R. who asked if I could share directions for a canvas protector with her:

Well. The directions I followed are from the September 2010 issue of Needlepointers, the American Needlepoint Guild magazine. As such, I am not violating copyright protection. 

A quick trip around the internet and I don't see an online version of this. But I'll do some more investigating. 

Probably not much stitching in the works for me today. But I have an appointment for the auto tomorrow and that's always good for an hour or more.


Bonnie said...

Hope the travels to/from on I95 are not too bad. Am guessing the worst will be the traffic around campus and the unpacking and carrying into the dorm.

Lee said...

Check out this article from NPR!

95 Songs for Driving on I95