Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The National Arboretum

On Saturday we went to the National Building Museum thinking we'd go see the Lego exhibit. But we weren't counting on the popularity of Lego and the number of children in the DMV. So we bought tix for Sunday and decided to go visit the Arboretum, a place we had somehow never visited. 

You think, Arboretum = plants, trees, green growing things. Right? 

Well, you'd be right. Plenty of green things. Including absolutely amazing bonsai, but that's another story. 

Instead we were enchanted by the columns on the hill.

Just kind of out there. Standing all by themselves. Looking rather like ancient Greek ruins.

 What are these? 22 of 24 Virginia sandstone columns that used to be on the east side of the Capitol. They were replaced in a renovation in 1958 with marble columns and these were relocated to the Arboretum.

The fountain is apparently in need of repair. And it was hot, hot, hot! We didn't see half of what there is to see and we'll be going back periodically as the seasons change. 

Knot garden - of a rather non-obsessive compulsive type.


Sara Leigh said...

The columns are a wonderful surprise, aren't they? So unexpected and perfectly sited. You'll have to go back when the azaleas are blooming.

C in DC said...

We love the Arboretum. We held the girls' first birthday party there in the picnic area.

We went to the NBM on the 22nd - it was a zoo and we skipped the Lego exhibit.