Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nun, Nun, Nun on the Run

Happily, I have finished the nun stitch on Echoes for the front and back of the case. I've moved on to stitching the inside now. Okay. The DMC 822 on white congress cloth is getting just a smidge boring so I've been alternating this project with Fern Ridge's Knautical Knots which is white on Lakeside Linens Midnight- which is a lovely navy blue. Funny, but this piece has nun stitch on it, too! I find it interesting that it's been years since I last did nun stitch and here I am working on it with two projects. 

I was going to link you all to some websites with nun stitching diagrams, but after noodling around I have decided not to. Why? Because every where I looked I see slightly different versions. I know. Some of you are wondering how to do this differently? There's the stitch the vertical legs twice or vertical legs once versions. There's versions where the starting point is different. There is a version where it essentially becomes a pulled stitch. I'm just not willing to take a stand here on any one version being the definitive way to stitch this. All I know is what I am doing.

So why nun stitch at all? Because you can cut away the fabric at the edge of this and nothing unravels. It's a great technique for finishing off ornaments and book marks. You can nun stitch and then have a fringe beyond it, too. Very, very versatile. 

That's all for now. We're contemplating doing something. Going somewhere. Not sure what or where. But it'll be fun hanging with the DH.

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