Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Stars Update Sans Photo

Fair warning. No picture. 

I've put some time in on Stars on Monday and Tuesday. Finished Clark Gable. Thank goodness that's over. 

Moved on to stitching sashing and sashing corners. And I can't believe what a horrid time I had trying to remember the rhythm of the sashing. I struggled through one whole sash and hated every second of it. DH even commented on my potty mouth. 

Yesterday I finally found the rhythm of it. But still didn't make much progress. I think that's because I'm tired and need sunshine. Haven't been sleeping that well. 

But I have committed to stitching only sashing and border until I reach a certain point. And only then will I move on to another square. 

I've been contemplating a project that calls for an uneven weave linen. I had kitted this with an even weave last summer. But now I'm wondering if I wouldn't be happier with an uneven weave that keeps the proportions of the original. I looked at what was available at a LNS and they didn't have anything that fit my needs. I've been looking around on the internet and still don't see what I want. If anyone knows of a good place to find a 32/36 weave linen that isn't white, let me know, please. 


Sara Leigh said...

But I want to see a photo! Will you bring it with you tomorrow?

Donna said...

Yes. I was already planning on bringing it as long as it's going to rain.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Donna, the sashing is a pain to do but the more of it you finish, the easier it is to remember the rhythm. I'm not doing the outside borders until the end, though. I think those will work better if they are added at the end.