Friday, August 13, 2010


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I'm very happy. Looks pretty crooked here, doesn't it? Now to figure out what to do with it? I really don't need it framed. And am thinking box.

Does anyone else think blogger is acting a bit weird? I hit enter and it goes back up to the first line. Was doing this to me yesterday on laptop and I thought it was the laptop. Now it's doing it here on the desktop.

Actually - the cursor moves to the incorrect spot, but the typing starts exactly where you intended it to be. I haven't had this problem any where else on the internet yesterday or today.


Teresa S. said...

I love this one--and a box is a great idea!

Kelly said...

Constantinople is very pretty. It would look great in a box.

Elmsley Rose said...

Constinapole is looking lovely!

I tell you what - there's a Windows programme you can download for free called "Live Writer". It has way way better editing facilities than Blogger, including image editing facilities, and uploading photos is much faster, since you are working on your hard drive, not uploading each one from your drive to the internet.

Then when you've finished writing your post, you hit "Publish" and off it gets sent to your blog!

If I ever use Blogger now to write an entry, it drives me mad. All those weird font changes, and pictures being put at the beginning, and other small annoying things.

Donna said...

I'll have to look at Live Writer. Sounds like a terrific idea.

Lee said...

I've noticed this issue with Blogger for a while now. It's super aggravating. Maybe I'll just stop using paragraphs. And punctuation. And capital letters. I'll become the Most Annoying Blogger in the Needlework World. And it's all Blogger's fault.

Sara Leigh said...

It turned out beautiful, Donna!

Bonnie said...

This does look much better with the different border.