Monday, May 24, 2010


Wow. Three days without posting. What have I been doing? Obviously not following my usual schedule. I haven't been on the desktop since Thursday - I've been using the laptop at odd times because I've been assisting my sister in writing an arts grant proposal. We've been sending it back and forth and exchanging ideas. This would be an easier process in person. But alas, there is that matter of five hundred plus miles between us. 

So when the sun comes out, and it had better because I'm beginning to feel like I live in some tropical jungle, I will take a photo of my current Quaker sampler. 

And when I do, you will all be in love with it as much as I am! 

Meanwhile, there is a pile of stuff that has been growing on my desk here at my right elbow. Let's see what's in it:

Okay. First, the French/English dictionary can go back to the bookshelf. I got curious about how to say acorn in French and wasn't satisfied with what I found on line. 

Second:  Issue number 64 of Stitch magazine from the UK. This one has the brightest stumpwork design that I have ever seen on the cover. And a beaded peacock bag on the inside along with the usual compliment of wonderful projects. Also in this layer of the dig, Issue number 204 of Mary Hickmott's New Stitches.  I bought this one for the gorgeous blackwork band sampler on the cover. 

Third:  Three issues of the Food Network magazine. I've been casting around for a new food magazine as I don't like what they've been doing to Cooking Light. The last straw was when the moved the index. I'm not renewing. And though I appreciate Cook's Illustrated for what it is, what it's not is up on the latest trends and the new and inspiring. I tried Food and Wine and Bon Appetit, but honestly, the Food Network mag seemed more accessible and has the variety that I'm craving.

Fourth:  Notes from the my last EGA board meeting. Normal stuff.

Fifth:  Two crochet books that I brought to a stitch group for a friend to look at. I can recommend both of these. Creepy Cute Crochet  I got this thinking about my college age children and how they'd think these things were, well, cute.   Googling this book led me to this blog - which I marked so I can back and browse. Interesting. Second book - Tasty Crochet - I simply fell in love with. It's not that I need a crochet version of bacon and eggs. It is just nice to know that I have a pattern if I want to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of yarn. Oh, and the author has a blog here.  I may have to investigate her yarn organization tips!

Now we come to the true meat of my archaeological dig. A stack of books from the used bookstores I visit on my travels. Wait, it appears there are some other things mixed in. And given that I purchased a few more yesterday that are still upstairs, I know that I have run out of room on my needlework bookshelves. I may have to consider donating some of these to our EGA chapter library. 

I'm not ready to write about these books today. Maybe tomorrow? And will someone please make the rain stop. My poor pot of hanging petunias is about to drown. Aqua lock hanging baskets seemed like a good idea, but now there too much water.


Kathryn said...

Have you tried Fine Cooking by Taunton Press? The same people who produce Threads. I've never been a fan of Cooking Light (if I'm going to eat, I'll eat the real thing, just less of it) and I also gave up on Bon Appetit a couple of years ago, but I still love Cook's Illustrated and Fine Cooking. Found a dozen recipes in the last issue that I want to cook some day when I am eating again.

Anna van Schurman said...

I get the Rachael Ray magazine, which I've enjoyed (the best pasta and roast brussel sprouts recipe!) and for some reason I get the Food Network one too. I love the little 50 recipe booklets. Unfortunately the dude won't let me do a year of 50 hamburgers, 50 eggs, 50 pizzas etc. Downer.