Sunday, May 02, 2010

Yesterday's Finish


This is a Laura Perin freebie from her website - Laura J. Perin Designs.  

Was happy to finish this yesterday while toggling back and forth between Top Gear and the build-up to the Kentucky Derby. Oh, yeah. The name is Summer Flower Boxes. Materials - Watercolours Lilac, which is #39, I believe and I will edit in the rest later. 

This is going into a Sudberry House box and will be in the mail to my Mother tomorrow. Who will open it as soon as she receives it. Because that's what she does.

 Here it is with its companion. I've also got a blue and white version for me. I may rethink that. I believe I had it kitted to stitch on white canvas, but I think I might like something else better. 

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend, everyone!


MrsB said...

A cute finish!

I love how you've stitched the same design on different coloured fabric...

Sara Leigh said...

That's beautiful, Donna!

Teresa S. said...

I love both versions-very pretty!