Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We Have Acorns!

First we have Stars progress, which admittedly isn't much. On Sunday I finished the bargello bit, did the pink triangles in between them, stitched the first of four triangles that are couched Trebizond and stitched the brown triangle.

Love the bargello bits. And I love how the pink triangle looks, just hated the process of creating it. The brown triangle needs to evacuate this piece. It's supposed to be Pebbly Perle and Grandeur and my colors are too close to together and I forgot to strand the Pebbly Perle. There will be some changes to this bit and I feel I might diving into the thread stash. 
Et, voila! Acorns! I finished this last night at 8:50 p.m. while watching the Monday night CBS comedies. I would have finished earlier in the day, but I spent time working on my mystery SAL. Kind of got sidetracked figuring out if what I wanted to stitch would work (and it will! Success.)

I am totally in love with this little sampler by Eileen Bennett. But I think it does not photograph well. The threads are all DMC on 30ct linen. 

My changes to this piece:

No crown in the top band. The letter "L" took too much space. In the second alphabet band, I substituted two over one crowns and the letters "LSG" for the Loudoun Sampler Guild for the word "mine" plus initials. And finally in band twenty-three, I did not stitch those acorn caps as colonial knots. I used the called for threads and just did cross stitch. (Sue me. I think this looks better on the 30ct linen.)

Whatever. I love, love, love it. And it was two months from start to finish with a lot of other stitching in between.  


Kelly said...

Great finish! Band samplers are so much fun. I also love the Stars piece. It is so interesting to see all the different colors people pick for this project.

Teresa S. said...

The acorn sampler is just lovely-and in Stars-pink is my favorite color and especially matched with blue--love your progress!

Jeanne said...

Congratulations on the finish, Donna! It's lovely. EB has some of the most simply elegant sampler designs around, doesn't she?

Sara Leigh said...

The Acorn Sampler is delightful, and your stitching, beautiful as usual. I just finished the bargello bits on Stars tonight and will probably not do anymore stitching until Thursday morning. I love your colors.