Monday, May 10, 2010

Behind the Red Door

For Mother's Day I treated myself to my first ever pedicure. I'm sure some of you are thinking what kind of idiot am I for waiting so long. Let's just say I have very touchy feet and have nearly knocked my hubby out for trespassing on the feet - he knows the deal, but every now and then likes to live dangerously. 

But it wonderful and melty and all things good. And I even started my P. Darney sampler, "Live and Love Happy," while soaking my toes, and got about four threads worth stitched before retreating the quiet and calm of the dimly lit room.  

No more pedicure anxiety for me. Thought it was funny that a woman who came in after me apparently has the same problem and she nearly kicked her pedicurist. I am officially hooked. And my toes are pink and happy. The color is Persephony - um, isn't Persephone the Queen of the Underworld?  Whatever.

I was so thrilled with myself when I got home that I finally put the winter wardrobe away, leaving out just enough to cope with this strange spring weather we've been having. Even organized my nightstand drawers while catching up on watching Lost - we've got a mal-functioning DVR and the remote doesn't work on it. (It's not the remote, it's the DVR.) So I cannot skip commercials. That problem will be solved soon, but meanwhile I'm adaptable. 
And I *heart* Hugo. But then again, Everyone Loves Hugo.


Kathryn said...

Too right! EVERYONE loves Hugo.

Don't feel badly about not getting pedicures. I never got one before moving to Las Vegas. In San Francisco it was usually way too cold to wear sandals, so who ever saw my toes? But in Vegas I am in sandals nine months of the year. And everyone has painted toes. I am partial to OPI nail colors, especially in copper. Right now I am wearing my spring color "It's OPI Live in NYC", a discontinued color that I bought a boatload of before it disappeared.

Joan said...

Oh no! Now you are going to be hooked...especially during sandal weather. Were you amazed how much MORE it is than just pretty polish? It is a very necessary luxury! And, you get to have fun with color in a whole new way. I predict there will be a Donna Design inspired by the perfect pedicure!