Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quaker Update and Books

My current progress on Live and Love Happy. Nice photo, but I wish you culd see it person. The blue just pops right off that Mello linen by PTP. Took me two weeks to get this far, but in fairness I was working on other things also. 

And I have told the designer of this piece, Pam Darney, that as soon as she's ready to start selling her designs commercially (other than through classes) I will let the world know. 

Prospero's in Manassas, VA is one of those places where I find my used needlework books. We went there on Sunday - the sky looked forbidding, but we'd already had all the rain we were going to get that day. 

Which brings us to delving into the book pile. 

Back in March I found a copy of Stitching a Legacy, a joint project book by Piecework magazine and the Peabody Essex Museum in Massachusetts. Published by Interweave Press in 2001, this book contains projects and stories of stories of the pieces that inspired the projects. The photos are gorgeous. And the projects range from samplers to chatelaines to christening gowns. In all techniques. I wouldn't say it's a must have for a needlework library, but it's pretty and inspiring.

I was overjoyed to find a copy of the Margaret Boyles Bargello Workbook. Mostly because this book, though it was published in 1976, is in color. This is a terrific reference book from which you could easily teach yourself bargello. I don't know anything about who Margaret Boyles is/was, but I have several of her books and she knows/knew her needlework! Anyone got any info on her to enlighten me?

I believe that Kreinik's Metallic Thread Embroidery is still in print. I know I just saw a copy of this book for sale at a needlework store. They did release it in softcover eventually, but I found the hardcover 2000 edition. In this book we have some history of the Kreinik company, info about the threads, techniques and tips for working with metallics, stitches, and projects. This is a good solid reference book and I'm happy to have a copy of my own. 

I'm thinking three books at a time are enough. Don't worry. I've got enough to last all week and those are just my latest acquisitions. Yes. I need more shelf space.

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