Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday was our Sampler Guild meeting and I had a terrific time chatting and stitching with my friends. Tanya Anderson of the Sampler Girl had a lovely trunk show for us and I did purchase two more of her President's wives samplers. You can read her version of the day here on her blog.  

This week I've picked up Little Green Acorns again and stitched my way past the halfway point. I've decided to make a change to the empty spot at the end of the alphabet. The original has the word "mine" and initials of the stitcher. I've decided instead to use the initials LSG for the Loudoun Sampler Guild set off by acorn motifs. 

My friend, Anne, has finished Pam Darney sampler that was an EGA class in Fredericksburg in March. It's lovely and makes me want to put down my Acorns and start mine. I admit to not starting it yet. Because I need to finish something else first. 

I have at least repainted my box from Catherine Jordan's class that I took that same weekend in March. I originally tried to decoupage paper to my box, but being paper mache that did not go well. I purchased a new box and sponge painted it. Thanks to Susan for such a great idea - I've seen two of these boxes sponge painted and it suits the project. 

Happy Day to all the mothers past, present, and future.

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Carrie said...

Ooo, do I see a show 'n tell at the next LSG meeting? Would love to see your peices.