Friday, May 14, 2010


Why is that I can't resist a challenge? When we took Eileen Bennett's "Little Green Acorns" class my friend, Kathy, couldn't resist challenging me to see who could finish this first. We see each other every couple of weeks and compare who is where. And then another friend, Anne, who also cannot resist a challenge, jumped into our little game. And of course she upped the pace a bit. Now in my original plan for this week, I should be working on Tony M.'s "Stars." But I'm totally sucked into finishing the acorns. Because I cannot resist. Anne will most  likely beat me. But I will have the joy of a finished piece, and thus, I guess I'm a winner, too!

I guess that's why SALs and GCCs work for me. If I've got other people to compare progress with, it provides inspiration.

I wonder if there is any way to apply this to other areas of my life??? 

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