Wednesday, May 05, 2010

In Which We Explain the Queen Stitch As We the Queen of This Particular Kingdom See It

Queen Stitch, or Rococo Stitch, or sometimes even Renaissance Stitch, is a counted thread stitch. It can be used to make solid motifs, bands, and borders. 
I think I first encountered it on a band sampler that I stitched thirteen or fourteen years ago. And since then my main encounters with it have been on reproduction samplers stitched on linen. 

Here is a fine example of how Queen stitch looks as a solid motif. This is a Sharon Cohen of the Nostalgic Needle piece called The Queen Stitch Ornament.

I just created a stitch diagram for the Queen Stitch and find I cannot upload that file type here as it is unsupported. I suggest if you're interested in seeing how it is stitched, you google search images for the Queen Stitch. There are plenty of examples out there.

I know I stated that this stitch is my nemesis and now I'll explain why, in the hopes that I can correct my behavior. 

Part of my problem is just the fiddley nature of this stitch. You are taking four vertical stitches and anchoring them down with a single stitch over one vertical thread. It's just tiny stuff. I believe with proper lighting and most importantly good tension, I can conquer this. And maybe even come to love this stitch as some of my friends have.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I looked up the queen stitch as I am a needlepointer and not so familiar with repo stitching. Here's a good diagram.

I can see why it might drive you nuts, particularly on a small count. When I diagram stitches, I use 10 count plastic canvas. It enables me to see just how a stitch is constructed and how the thread path twists and turns. Helps me get the smoothest look.

It might help you figure out the best way to do this, which might not be the way it is diagrammed.

Jane, trying to be helpful from CH

Teresa S. said...

Oh my, I can see the problem-how to tack down each stitch without catching the threads of the other stitches--frogging must be a nightmare!

Elmsley Rose said...

Hi :-)

I'm doing some research on Queen Stitch. Are you doing Tricia's Masterclass, where the first kit is mainly queen stitch?

I'm going to post some 'tips and tricks' and any history I can find in my blog, and I wondered if I might please include a link to this entry and it's comments, as it is useful.

email a_velvet_claw(at)