Monday, May 03, 2010

Yesterday's Finish, Part II

Yesterday morning after playing exercising on my new Wii Fit Plus, I gathered all my supplies to make a beaded cabochon. Last November this was a class I took at one of my EGA chapters and I finished my cab in a total of four hours. Before the month was over, I had visited three different bead stores gathering supplies to make more of these. I even briefly had the thought that I could make several for Christmas presents. HA! Like that was going to happen.

I found my directions from the class, my book, "Beading with Cabochons ,"my beads, my beading supplies, my ultra-suede, and my skirtex. Few. Amazingly I was able to locate all of it within a short amount of time and by noon I was sitting at the table attaching my base row of beads. 

Turns out that I had not necessarily picked my beads well back in November. And I just willy nilly worked things out with the sizes I had. By four hours, I was approaching the end of my beading. At least I know how long this takes me. I took a break and watched an episode of the Tudors to make my eyes focus on something far away. And then went back to the table to contemplate making a beaded necklace for this pendant I had created. I have these beautiful carnelian beads and after a bit of trial and error I had something long enough to hang where I wanted it. So holding it together at the back, I slipped it over my head and went to the mirror. Wow. First thing I notice is that this thing I have created is heavy. Maybe too heavy. And then when I look in the mirror, I realize that the pendant and the beads do not work well together. Oh. And I don't have enough of the delicas to string those to make a necklace. Out it all comes. Now I have a lovely pendant and a day to figure out what to do. 

This is a crazy lace agate. And you'll have to trust me that the beads and the cabochon didn't look right together. The color is truer in the bottom photo.

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Sara Leigh said...

Very pretty! Maybe beads that are more like an amber, tiger's eye, or topaz would work better?