Monday, May 17, 2010

Goal - Denied

I am unsurprised to not meet my ambitious goal of finishing "Little Green Acorns" yesterday. 

But as of this morning all I have to do is the colonial knots for the tops of six acorns and the satin stitch that is the body of said acorns. Everything else is finished. Of course I have been considering changing those colonial knots...who knows what will happen.

And as I picked this up this morning I was working on the double running band that is band 24 and when I got to the end of that row, I had added an extra stitch. I consider leaving my mistake in. But instead I frogged it and restitched. Violated my own cardinal rules of checking carefully about where I stop and start. These things happen from time to time. And I should know better. Only lost about 30 minutes of progress. 

This will get finished today. Meanwhile, where is the cable guy that was supposed to be here by 11 a.m?

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