Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday is Food Day?

I've always thought the term Hump Day was ridiculous. In the rhythm of my week, Wednesday is Food Day. For two reasons:  1) those old Prince spaghetti commercials - it's Wednesday in the North End of Boston - Anthony! For the unintiated-

2) I have been a newspaper reader for more than just my adult life. It's how I start my mornings. And Wednesday is food section day in the paper. New recipes = inspiration.

Not that I wasn't inspired yesterday. Day three of gray, gloomy, and some rain. So I made a beef strew and French bread and then we went to see Iron Man 2 because Tuesday is evening bargain night at the theater. 

Started motif #3 on my current Quaker sampler. I'm feeling very inspired by having a finish and want to finish everything right now! If only I had the time. 


Lisa said...

I remember that Old Prince spaghetti commercial :) Food day, huh? Interesting concept! In my household, I typically find myself at the grocery store on Wednesdays because by that day we are out of one of the staples: milk or Wednesday food day would make sense here.
Enjoy stitching!

Sara Leigh said...

I remember those ads! How was Iron Man 2? I'd like to see it, but it will probably be a Netflix option rather than a theatrical option.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes. Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti day. How could I have forgotten? :)