Tuesday, April 14, 2009

After a Long Day

I got out the canvas stuff to play. I located my finished Michael Boren piece - Color Tiles III - and found the bag with the extra threads. And started doodling other stitches I could use in the same manner with those threads. Came up with a scotch stitch and a sprat's head. And have figured out alignments and color order. Question now is do I have any more canvas the color of the original? and do I have more stretcher bars? I've been trying to decide on a good way to store extra canvas so that it doesn't get squished without taking up a lot of floor space. I could use my extra large Longaberger measuring basket, but I think that has my collection of corks which I'm saving for some future project yet to be decided. So I have to go round up all the canvas from its various hiding places and see.

Best idea I've seen for corks, was a friend's sun porch ceiling in California. She mounted them on boards and inserted the boards between the beams. The champagne cork one looked amazing. I have no way near that number of corks, but I've been saving them ever since then. I've thought about using them as a back splash behind my kitchen sink, but I'm not entirely sold on that idea.


Anonymous said...

Hi - love to read your blog.

Can you store your canvas in tubes?

Donna said...

Thanks. Today I purchased what is essentially a small round laundry basket. If I need to, I can put something heavy in the bottom and then stand the canvas rolled upright.