Friday, April 17, 2009

Color Tiles My Way

I came yesterday absolutely stunned at the warm sunny weather. Yahoo!

Cleaned off the outside table and sat down with my version of color tiles and two threads that had gone missing (on sofa under blanket - how did that happen?) Kitty not pleased. He wanted cuddle time. Sat there at the sliding door glaring at me.

Had made the decision yesterday while at the stitch in that the Impressions needed to be 2 threads not 1 as already stitched. So I unpicked carefully and restitched them. Also used 2 with the Wildflowers. (Note to Coni: for threads on this piece I didn't want to chase down the ones called for so I used Splendor, Grandeur, 3 Impressions and 1 Wildflowers. Gives nice textural changes.) I've got four blocks to go and then the border. I now think of this piece as Wonky Color Tiles because the alternating sprats heads give the squares an uneven look which I'm loving.

That said. I did not keep my choice of border threads with the other threads. I know the corners are black Silk Lame. But hopefully if I look back here I can find what I used documented. It's official. I've stopped keeping careful records in my real life stitching notebook. Must remedy that.

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