Thursday, April 09, 2009

When Not Stitching

When I'm not stitching, I am thinking about stitching. Is this a sign that this has taken over my life? I know I dream about stitching. But now it has entered my waking moments, too.

Like I posted yesterday that I didn't get in any stitching time. But because I thought about it while cleaning, etc. I feel like I did. Weird. Changed a couple of colors on my Quaker sampler, but haven't started stitching the new colors yet. I lightened the two darkest colors. This came about when I started stitching with the darkest shade of red Crescent colors that I have. The fibers were decidedly different than the rest of the Crescents I have used on this piece. Strands were skinnier, rougher, and tended to knot up. This is an extremely tactile medium for me and if I don't like how it feels, I won't use it. Some people love the stiffer linens with more sizing in them. I hate them. I still have nearly a yard of some flax colored linen that has been in my stash for over 20 years now. I'll get rid of it this summer at the stash sale my EGA chapter will hold in July.

I wasn't home for dinner last night as I had a Board Meeting to attend. And we had a guest for dinner - one of DH's co-workers whose wife and kids are out of town for spring break. Came home to find the two of them had eaten an entire loaf of French bread - with plenty of European butter. Not a lot of bread left for today as we've already had some for breakfast. Had an interesting meeting to say the least. And now the phrase "old lady wars" is stuck in my head.

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