Thursday, April 23, 2009

What's Happening?

(Can you hear the rest of that line - Hot Stuff?)*

I'm having a little shoulder issue. Went from one side to the other and seems to have lodged in my left shoulder. Just some tightness and a tiny bit of pain. But heat and Ibuprofen seem to be helping. Helping enough that last night, I stitched on my Arabella. Just a bit. But I see what is essentially 36 squares in the inner portion of this and I've stitched 21 of them. It's not that large a piece and I should continue moving right along. Sun is shining today and I should be able to get a photo!

Stopped at my local used bookstore yesterday. No new used needlework books. I wonder if someone else has started to shop there??? For a while I think I was the only one and usually managed to score 2 or more books. I did buy two cookbooks - More Secrets of the CIA and the Joy of Cooking's Grilling book. And a Dover publication of two Stickley catalogs. This book includes black and white photos of the textiles. So that was a good find. Of course it pains me to see this gorgeous stuff selling 20 and 30 dollars knowing that it now costs in the thousands. I may never own a bungalow, but that doesn't mean I can't fill my house with Arts and Crafts and Mission-style stuff and let's toss in some Art Deco and a bit of Victorianna.

*from Sixteen Candles

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