Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Little Slow

Today I found out that I missed some things yesterday. If you didn't have your April Fool's jokes posted early in the morning, I missed them.

Let's see. The Red Sox fired their mascot, Wally, in a cost cutting venture.

George RR Martin was going to bring in a ringer to finish his latest book.

The Car and Driver one wasn't even funny.


Though I can admire a good practical joke from a distance, I prefer not to participate.

This morning I brought something to Thursday stitch in that I decided didn't work. The perle 5 was too light on the gray canvas. I guess I should do it on white. Which I already have at home. And rather than stitch on something else, I picked up some fibers and started doodling around on my gray canvas. Didn't accomplish too much 'cause I unpicked a Jessica about 5 times. But I had fun playing.

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