Friday, April 10, 2009

I Know

I need more photos here. I'm working on this issue. Trying to figure out what will make it easier for me to keep up.

The combination of spring break and holy days kept many people from Thursday morning stitch in yesterday. Oh and one injury. A friend burned herself with water heated in a microwave. And then because of the burns, managed to cut herself days later on a can opener requiring stitches. OUCH! So there were only four of us. Plenty of room to stretch out and spread out our things. But somehow I had trouble locating my stitching mojo. I was working on my Quaker sampler and probably should have just changed projects as I was having difficulty finding the joy. Came home and continued stitching on this project and ripped out the dark red that I have replaced with a bright, medium toned pink. And continued stitching with the Deep Fennel. I do love this particular motif. It seems more complicated than some of the others as there are different ways of finding symmetry on this one.

I've got a little trip into the country coming up this afternoon with a friend to visit with some friends. As it is Easter weekend, where's the Messiah CD? Proper time to listen to Handel is now, not Christmas.

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