Friday, April 03, 2009

I Saw This Coming

A year ago when I was signing up for the Master Craftsman program with the EGA I asked some friends for advice about which one I should take. I was aware of my own desires to stretch myself and thought about doing canvas work. At which point one friend asked me why didn't I just join the ANG? I saw her point. And eventually signed up for the Counted Thread program.

But now I realize that that was the beginning of a big push into canvas work for me.
I have now signed up for a class with Ruth Dilts' Mystic and a cyberclass with Carole Lake through the Shining Needle Society.

In addition, I've been working on several other designers pieces and have begun designing my own canvas work pieces (thus far mostly in my head...but I'll get there.)

I'm not abandoning cross stitch or samplers. Just increasing my repetoire.


From the library book sale last week:

"The Needle Arts of Greece" by Joan Petrakis - published in 1977. Tons of black and white photos, some gorgeous color photos. Lots of history. Some graphs. Interesting. I love these books on ethnic needlework.

"Beaded Tassels, Braids & Fringes" by Valerie Campbell-Harding - published in 1999.
I think I need to just keep this book at my fingertips for the next month. And play with my beads. Wow.

"Needlework Patterns for the Metropolitan Museum of Art" by Susan Siegler - published in 1977. I wish all the black and white photos were in color. This book is a good companion to the more recent book - "English Embroidery in the Metropolitan Museum 1575-1700: 'Twixt Art and Nature" which is currently on sale at amazon for $40.95.

I purchased another 8 books, but these are the highlights.

Now off to shop before retrieving son for the weekend.

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