Saturday, April 25, 2009

Took a Canvas Break

Yesterday instead of continuing on Arabella, I picked up my Tsunami Quaker sampler. And when I picked it up, I had it upside down and decided I'd been silly not to see this before. I continued my stitching on left hand side of the piece with the piece upside down. Much easier on my arms as these are 28 inch scroll rods and I mostly stitch this piece sitting on the sofa.

The other thing about turning it upside down is that I noticed a place where I didn't cross a stitch! What? I turned it right side up and couldn't see it. Turned it upside down and saw it right away. Wow. I have now reached the conclusion that I need to turn my pieces and examine them closely before taking them to the framer. I guess the light just hits it differently enough.

Designed a biscornu yesterday to teach at another EGA chapter - not my own chapter. I'm unhappy with the bottom of the piece this morning and will redo it. But had a great time playing with my Easygrapher software. Should work up quickly, as the point of this class is the finishing.

Already in the 70s. I'm off to enjoy the weather!!!!!!!!

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Anna van Schurman said...

I'm going to use that tip of turning projects over to check for missed crosses. I have just enough framed pieces that have a stitch uncrossed, and knowing drives me crazy.

I stitch upside down all the time when it's easier on my arms. My grandmother, mother, and aunt are all arthritic, and I really have to take care of myself if I want to stitch all this crap I've acquired!