Monday, April 13, 2009

Been Thinking Organization

I've have been thinking for a while now that two crafty areas of my life need to have a real life swap. I've got all my scrapbooking stuff upstairs in my bedroom and all my stitching stuff downstairs in the bar. But as I haven't really been using my paper crafting skills all that much, it seems logical to me to do a swap. The books would not be able to fit into my bedroom and will have to remain where they are. But if I did a purge of my paper stuffs. And if I go to the Container Store where Elfa is still on sale until May 15th. I might be able to accomplish some productive organizing. The kind that makes it easier to get at and use things. Of course I might do myself some physical bodily harm traversing the flights of stairs involved. And I might be better off waiting for DS to be home from college so I can harness young, fit laborer...

That said. I did finish the Deep Fennel motif yesterday afternoon. Actually took a little bit of the second skein of floss. Yikes. And started the next motif. But that's it for this week. Time to move back to canvas.

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Bonnie said...

Place corks in a frame - filling the area. You can then use it as trivet for hot pans. Learned this from my sister-in-law.