Monday, April 27, 2009


This is post number 1,313. I've got no fear of the number 13. In fact, I've developed a fondness for it. One of the best houses we lived at was a number 13. My cell phone number ends in 13. Numbers are just numbers - an artificial way humans have developed to order the universe.

In honor of the number 13, I will do a random drawing for a surprise package.

Just write me a comment. You have until May 13th - my mother's birthday - to enter!

Updated photo of Tsunami Quaker sampler. I finished the motif with the flower yesterday. This was a color change from my original picks as the red I had was certainly too dark. This is now Crescent Colours Cherry Tomato. More pink than red.

Did I mention I found 7 needlework books last week at my library's used book sale?
One bargello, two books dealing with florals, a book of colonial American needlework, a temari book, and two crewel books. I'm definitely outgrowing my bookcase. Soon it will only have room for needlework, beading, and a few sewing books. The overflow cookbooks are going to have to go. And the papercrafting? what to do with those? I think most of them I'm going to freecycle.

I continued organizing the downstairs yesterday. Our finished basement contains our office, our bar which is currently home to my needlework stuff and all the "extra" furniture in our house, laundry/storage room, and a bathroom. Got most everything off the floor of the office. Still need to get into the closet and rearrange. There's tons of filing to do. Which means there's tons of shredding to do. I'm hoping they do another community recycling event soon with the giant shredders. Today I'm hoping to get back into the storage room. I took a huge bag full of garbage out of there yesterday. I say we need a storage unit. DH says no. Sigh.


C in DC said...

Yes, numbers are just numbers. Please enter me in your drawing.

Teresa S. said...

Enter me in your drawing too!

Anna van Schurman said...

For people born on the 13th, Friday the 13ths are supposed to be lucky. Which I suppose only works if you believe that numbers do have such meanings.

Like most Americans, you probably don't need more space, just less stuff. Of course, ask me what I've done about our space problem...;)

lewmew said...

Will the package have 13 items? I hope so!

BTW - my favorite number is 9.


Anonymous said...

I love the Cherry Tomato color. I love the way triskaidekaphobia is spelled. I love drawings. I love birthdays. Please enter me. :o)

NCPat said...

Donna, loved reading this one!

Rachel said...

Great post :o) Please include me in the drawing

Barbeeque4 said...

What a great idea for a drawing - enter my name please.


Ellen said...

Love your Tsunami Quaker sampler, beautiful plays of colors. Please enter me in your draw.


Bonnie in MN said...

I have always loved the number 13 as well. My kids think I am a little weird, but oh well.

Natasha said...

Number 13 was my DH's number in Baseball and it is the day before our wedding annicersary. So I have a fondness for the #13 :) I would love to enter.
Thank you

Joan said...

I have no fear of the number 13, but do enjoy watching some of the strange reactions to "13".

Happy Birthday to your Mother.

I would love to be entered in your drawing.

Joanie R.

Angela said...

Please enter me into your drawing.

I share your philosophy on unlucky numbers etc.

Dawn said...

I would love to be entered into your drawing.

I also have a fondness for the number 13. My 2 middle kiddos were both born on Friday the 13th. One was in January and the other was in Febuary.

Anonymous said...

Would love to be in your drawing. Sorry to hear that your local needlework shop is closing.

Debra in NC

Carol R said...

My lucky number is 37 - it's won me quite a lot of cash in the past and, hopefully, in the future too!
Please enter me into your draw.

Your Tsunami sampler is beautiful!