Tuesday, April 07, 2009

No Fun

I only had to go in one day for jury duty. I was looking forward to exercising my impartiality. Oh well.

This is my Laura J Perin freebie, Summer Flower Boxes. I've got two more colorways kitted up to stitch. This one came about when I saw a small piece of dark green canvas for sale at a local shop. Very quick. Very cute.

Looking around at other blogs, I can see that my camera is truly inadequate for taking close-up photos that reflect the colors accurately. I'm thinking of borrowing a friend's ebay photo set-up to see if I can get better photos that way and if it works will purchase my own equipment.


Kathryn said...

My camera does have a macro setting so that does help with getting clear pictures of stitching, but most of my color balance is done in Photoshop. First I use a white balance to get the proper color temperature, then I saturate the colors (because Blogger seems to really desaturate the colors of pictures I post). I also may straighten up the picture and use unsharp mask (a sharpening tool) to really make the stitching stand out. If your friend is using a light box, that might help fight odd color shadows from invading from closeby objects and a tripod would help with the sharpness, but to balance colors you really need a post production program.

Donna said...

Thanks, Kathryn, for the tips!