Sunday, April 12, 2009

Aunt Martha's Bread

Is rising in its braided form on the stove. This a family recipe that a great aunt was happy to share with me back when I was like 13 years old. Not a difficult bread recipe. And always garners praise. It is a Finnish recipe and contains cardamom and I find it completely irresistible. With four eggs and half a cup of butter, you can see why I reserve this recipe for the holidays. Been invited to a neighbor's house for brunch.

Meanwhile, I'd like to finish this current motif on the Quaker piece. I'm tired of this color as this one took the entire skein of Crescent.

Then it's time for planning. I've got to get back into the canvas groove this week as Saturday is our Michael Boren class. My first class ever with a male teacher. I'm looking forward to it.

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Sara Leigh said...

This bread sounds very good. What else is in it?

Sara Leigh