Monday, April 20, 2009

Pattern Purge

Yesterday a group of volunteers descended on my local needlework store. Not to stitch. But to sort through all the patterns in what the owner is calling a pattern purge. Due to how the prices were done, we were able to sort into three categories - old, older, and oldest. The oldest ones are now part of the grab bags. The older ones are discounted at one rate, and the old ones at a slightly lesser rate. We sorted, marked and alphabetized for hours. And then in my own love of punishment, I started in on rearranging the Kreinik.

Of course, most of us, in the course of sorting, found some things we couldn't live without. I left my bag at the store and will look through it this week when I have a clearer head.

And the Kreinik is going to be a long project...thanks to the numbering system, it's even more complicated. Anyone who has a Kreink color card can see the difficulties.

Saturday Class

Our class with Michael Boren for "Arabella Reborn" was excellent. He's a wonderful teacher - patient with a gentle sense of humor. Gets excited, but not overly excited. When the sun returns to Virginia I'll get a photo of my piece. I chose a brown based colorway - definitely not the most compelling of choices, but I wanted it for a specific place in my house. Stitched my first Double Fan Doubled. Kind of got stuck there for a bit in my head, then had the light bulb moment.

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