Sunday, April 05, 2009

I've Got Nothing

Like not a thought. Occasionally there are days like these when blogging. Even catching up on other blogs isn't doing it for me. So this is my stream of consciousness attempt to see what happens. Maybe it's the other things in the back of my mind. Need to go wash my hair, but I'm waiting for it to warm up outside because maybe I can go sit in the sun? Though today may be warm enough, they've projected a high of 40 something on Wednesday/Thursday. I can see we're are going to go from those 40 degree days straight on to 80 degrees days and totally miss spring. Oh well. It happens frequently here. Need to do some picking up around the house. Already started by dusting and watering plants. Would like to get outside and pull and cut some old foliage. Was thinking yesterday as we were driving through parts of Maryland I hadn't been in before that I need to plant some bulbs next fall out back in the woods. There are a few daffodils and some lily of the valley. But I'd like more. And I have apparently planted that lilac bush where it doesn't get enough sun to bloom. I'm not going to move it.

Would like to finish the current medallion on the Tsunami sampler today. I have realized two things. One: I don't have enough skeins of a few colors. I figured this out when stitching a second medallion with Tartan Plaid. And there are two more medallions in this color. Hmmm. And I cut my fabric incorrectly. But not in a bad way. There's way too much extra fabric on the left and the bottom. I think I took the measurements that already had the framing allowance built in and added another 6 inches. That's better than doing the oppposite. And this means the sampler won't be quite as big as I feared which is good when it comes to framing.

So this the end of my rambling for this morning. Time to go finish the laundry.

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