Wednesday, April 07, 2021

April Ornaments

Got to get my ornaments for the granddaughters finished. First one done, second started.

This year I chose 3 Kathy Shenkel ovals ornaments. I'll brush up the Fuzzy Stuff when it comes back from the finisher. All threads  from my stash except the background. 

As I was working on this, I went to put away some of my more canvas acquisitions and discovered I already owned this owl canvas before I bought it last fall. Oops. That's okay. I still want one for me. 

But that made me take an inventory of my unstitched, unkitted canvases. Yikes. 

I wrote them all down. All organized them by subject - Christmas, Halloween, birds, buildings, travel, etc. And put them back in Art Folio binders. 

Now some of you might be curious as to how many do I own? Let's just say, in my defense, it's less than 300 and the majority of them I didn't pay full price for... 

So I need to stitch 20 or so every year. LOL 

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

March Finish

Only took me 6 months, which is kind of pitiful if I hadn't been working on other things.

Presenting Beach Dance by Lindy Stitches. I love Stephanie's quirkiness and sense of humor. She's got an entertaining Floss tube Channel, too. 

It took me most of the Grammy Awards to frog the flower on the right. But I decided that this needs to hang in our powder room where it can make me smile every day and the flowers need to match the paint.

Off to the framers soon! 

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Progress Report

Finished a carrot last night. This is part of a Kathy Shenkel Easter set. When it is finished it will look like this one. 

 Mending Hearts. I'm adding some gold #4 Kreinik to the background around the heart. Then finish couching the gold and the cording.

Tuesday, March 09, 2021

March Finish

 In the fall of 2019 I designed and stitched a little ornament for my ANG Chapter for our December meeting. We do a program called Holiday Surprise. So everyone got a piece of red canvas, a ball of white #8 pearl cotton, and my instructions. 

I did not have much of a teaching experience that night as the heat was out at our meeting location. It was freezing cold. Oh well. 

Fast forward to this year when I finally got around to stitching a second version. This one is blue on blue. With more blue for finishing it. 

I created a back to my ornament by just freestyling the information and adding some of the stitches from the front. 
A little bit of beading (like an hour or so) and I've got a finish. 

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Mended Heart Start

 I should stay off the internet of lovely things. Because I have no willpower.

I had seen two people stitching Debbee's Designs January Kit of the Month before I realized it was Debbie's. I went and looked earlier in February. But on Thursday I looked again and oops both January and February fell into my cart. And there we have it.

I got them today and decided to stitch February first. Because it's still February I began right away. 

Kit includes a wonderful booklet of instructions and a line drawn canvas, threads and needles.

And away I go! 

Tuesday, February 09, 2021


 I've been trying to get my studio space neatened up because I'm about to begin Natalie Dupuis' ten week course on the couching stitch.

Two weeks ago I cleaned off my desk. Last week I emptied an entire drawer. And it's still empty this week. 

This morning I got out my frame and cleared more floor space. Then came the hunt for the project with the koma. Which meant I did an inventory of what's in the credenza. And I wrote it down so I don't have to rely on remembering. 

Along the way, I pulled out the first of my four seasons canvases. And found something decidedly odd. This project which has been in a bag for two years is missing tacks. 


They were all in the bottom of the bag. But. WTH? How did that happen? 

Monday, February 08, 2021

Paper Finish

 When did I start this? I’m going to guess it was January of 2020. Finished stitching last night during the Super Bowl. And I just did the cutting and beard. I have a lot of these still to do. Next up is the Wilderness Santa. 

Here is Willmaur Crafts Heirloom Santa P990, The Equine Santa. 

Friday, February 05, 2021

Not One, But Two

 So when I opened the project case that had my Coffee, Official Beverage of the Colonies, I found my lemon and lime buttons that I had purchased to finish another project.

Only took seconds to find this one by The Sunflower Seed. All it needed was the buttons. Five minutes later, a finish. 

It's way more yellow than this photo. I changed the threads to Carrie's Creations. Probably started in 2006. LOL 

And hours later I finished my Little House Needleworks piece. 

Soon, off to the framers I will go! 

Thursday, February 04, 2021

You Never Know

 I have a deep catalog of projects started. Some, like this one, are near completion. I have no idea why I didn't finish it.

Little House Needleworks. I probably started it in 2006.

Monday, February 01, 2021

First Finish of 2021

 Finished adding the 527 beads on my Blooming Jessicas, a piece by Kurdy Biggs of Threedles. 

I'll get it assembled sometime this week. This is my second version.