Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Scissor Fob

I found this fob month ago. It was mostly stitched. I just needed to stitch beads and do the finishing. Which I did.

Totally forgot to share it here. Can't remember the designer. (edit: The designer is June Abel.)

But it's so cute. And those bees are so tiny. 

Friday, December 22, 2017

More Finishes

 So this little cutie someone got lost and its threads got separated from the canvas. I found this sometime after we returned from my first trip to London back in 2010. There's more than one type of white thread stitched on this. And two different dye lots of one of them. All because I didn't write anything done. And seriously how the threads were no longer in the box with the canvas is beyond me. Anyway. It's off being made into a pillow and when it comes back to me, I will smile at it every day. Because I like the ambiguity of what the gap is. (I know what it is. But it could refer to so many things.)

And I feel safe posting this here even though it's a gift. A little stumpwork piece designed by Nancy Williams. I don't know how many years ago I took this class. I also have the white berries on blue silk version which has been stitched for years. When I find it again, I'll do the finishing and put it on my tree.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Blogger Works Best..

Blogger works best for me on my computer. I have little control over it on my phone. Thus I hardly ever update. For which I am terribly sorry. I'm going to try to be better. (Once again.)

But here's the EGA Halloween plaid I did back in October. I used a version of 10/31/17 to establish the pattern. I never did make it into a spider, mostly because I finished it right at the end of the month. I do have several of the spider cupcake holders and toyed with the idea of a Christmas spider, but that's been put on hold this month. 

Here's a couple of freestyle bookmarks I did for our guild. By freestyle, I just took some threads, mostly pearl #5, and started stitching. I've got one more that I should find and finish. 

 And here's a big finish - Imari Collage by Debbie Stiehler. It's at the framers and I'm dying to get it back. Parts of this stitch were a complete pain in the ass. But it's so beautiful that I forgive Debbie for torturing her students. 

Things are good here in Virginia. The usual Christmas prep going on. And in case you think I'm only stitching on canvas, I've got a few things to show you that might surprise you. But that's going to have to wait for another day.