Tuesday, January 31, 2006

two books

It's official. I'm giving up on a book. I rarely do not finish a book, even when I dislike it. But John Kennedy Toole's Confederacy of Dunces has undone me. Why the hell did this book win the Pultizer Prize? Some people think this book is funny??? OMB. I am not amused. Nor am I engaged. I do not care what happens to Ignatius, Miss Trixie, or any of them. Officially made it to page 252...

Second Pulitzer Prize winner that I am not understanding why it won - Richard Ford's Independence Day. At least this book was readable. I finished it. But it was underwhelming. I am not impressed.

What is wrong with the state of modern literature? or for that matter, what is wrong with Pultizer committee?

Mythology Challenge

Yesterday I started thinking about my EGA chapter's mythology challenge. Came up with a great idea, started sketching things out for a band sampler. Thwacked my forehead when I remembered the 5" x 5" restriction. So park that great idea.

I need a myth subject that can be turned into a needlework project. I'm thinking something along the lines of Lynn Nicoletti's "Neptune." Neptune Cross Stitch

Now Neptune is obviously too big for my size restrictions, but just something kind of inspired by her hidden image designs. Gack. I bet I need to think simpler...

Monday, January 30, 2006

not news

Okay. Why does AOL this the fact that Baby Jessica got married is news? Where's the real news people? Why do the media keep confusing personalities with news? I don't think brad/angie/jen/britney/etc. should ever be on the news. Because, fuck it, they are not news. Leave that crap to the shows that are about entertainment. And show me the damn news.

Like has anyone heard about what Ann Coulter said last week? here it is:

Coulter had told the Philander Smith College audience Thursday that more conservative justices were needed on the Supreme Court to change the current law on abortion.
Stevens is one of the court's most liberal members.
"We need somebody to put rat poisoning in Justice Stevens' creme brulee," Coulter said. "That's just a joke, for you in the media."

Why is no one blowing a gasket over this?

all is good laziness

except for waking up with a pain in the neck - not referring to DH, but to actual pain running down the left side my neck.

Did not accomplish anything of note yesterday. Did find a used bookstore that nicely was having a bluegrass jam session. Of course, this meant too many people present to browse effectively. But I did find a copy of book I tried to get last year. (not saying name - is a gift.) Also bought a copy of Julia Child & Company. Came home and promptly wasted time browsing it. The nice thing about this book is its setup. It is organized by menus. She gives shopping lists and truly helpful recommendations. Then after the recipes, she gives alternates and suggestions for what to do with leftovers. What is it about this woman that makes me think deboning a whole chicken would be easy...

Saturday, January 28, 2006


nothing like an EGA meeting where you learn to bead a bracelet in a way you've never done before while you have a headache...I did have fun despite the pain. Still got the headache several ibuprofen and a vanilla latte later...a smart person would probably take a nap, but I think I blew that with the caffeine

Friday, January 27, 2006

Mystical Penguins

Just a plug for our new favorite game.
Apples to Apples rocks!

I seriously think this game could make people buy Depends...

Thursday, January 26, 2006


When is this headache going away?

gotta go mail another 15 lb box to the college girl

I think maybe I should have saved my mail receipts for the year - I might have been surprised

She does say that her friends follow her home from the PO to see what treasures she received...so I miss her and go a little bit overboard

So far, no reasonable request on her part has been denied


Okay. Elvis missed me. He keeps jumping on me and loving me to death. Nothing like a 20 lb cat. I'm covered in cat fur. If I sit down to do the Sudoku, he finds me. Sounds like I'm complaing, but I love it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

catching up

Been trying to catch up on my blog reading. There are many. I realize I don't have all of you listed as links on my sidebar. I'll try to fix that one of these days...

Was doing the Meme of Four gakked from the Stitch Bitch when the bluescreen of death came calling. Phfff. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

I did start Sue Hillis' "Wine a bit, you'll feel better" while traveling to Florida. Didn't have much opportunity for stitching while there. Won't take long to finish this piece if I will actually sit down with it.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Can you say breakfast out for six days in a row? We had one homecooked meal in the entire week and that was at someone else's house...LOL My mother does not cook in FL.

My gram's house in now empty of personal items. I 've got 2 boxes of stuff coming via UPS.

We had a party on what would have been Gram's 97th birthday complete with a birthday cake. Every had such nice things to say about her. It's hard to be sad when she managed so well to do things her way right till the end.

I did get in a quick stop at the Golden Needle in Port Charlotte - had been there once before in 2001. She's got a nice selection of things. I bought a flamingo chart that will look lovely in my gray masterbath. Also a couple of charts from By the Bay - Cross Stitch Unlimited - Charts > Designers > By the Bay Needleart

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Grandmother

No sympathy is necessary, but I would like to pay public tribute to my grandmother who died peacefully in her sleep Monday night. She would have been 97 years old next week. She lived by herself. Just gave up driving last year. Still rode her 3 wheel bike. I would love to have half her energy and spunk when I'm older.

Growing up, we lived next door to my grandparents. She was always there for me. Made me spaghetti and meatballs whenever my mother was making pea soup. There was nothing she wouldn't do. Said it was easier to do it herself rather than waiting for someone else to do it. She'd bake and sew and wallpaper and move boulders. Just last year, my stepfather caught her climbing down the ladder from her roof. She was just checking things out. LOL

My grandmother didn't want any services. She's being cremated and in the spring we'll bury her next to my grandfather in New Hampshire. As my Mom is an only child, my sister and I are flying down to Florida to help her clean out the house.

Gram, you were one of kind. I love you.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

cordless phones

So our main phone is dead. It's cordless with an answering machine. I would think it would be pretty simple to replace. Till I started doing a little research. And started reading customer reviews. There is no telling the quality of any of these phones. And why isn't someone making what I want without a dual handset? Why should I pay more for an extra handset that I don't need?

DMC Light Effects

I bought some of this in a pewter color thinking it would be great to use if I ever get around to stitching that Frank Lloyd Wright window. Yesterday I tried it on a small spot in a sampler. Um. Can't imagine using this to backstitch a piece that's 300 stitches long...This stuff is stiff and not at all easy to work with. Started by trying to use two pieces, ended up using only one. I wonder if Thread Heaven would make it any easier? Guess that'll be the next expirement.

Monday, January 09, 2006


wasn't a Kreinik blackwork freebie - it was Rainbow Gallery. My bad...

Been very, very busy. Friday night we met with friends and went to a Capitols/Flyers game. Glad I got to see Alex Ovechkin play. What incredible skating ability. He was absolutely amazing. And for the Flyers, it's nice to see Peter Forsberg still making a difference. All these years of college (and a little minor league) hockey and this was my first NHL game. Like anyone in my family was going to take me to see the Bruins back in the day. Sigh. Would have been terrific to see Bobby Orr and Phil Espisito.

Saturday, I dragged DH off to the D.C. Big Flea Market - I had one goal in mind - scope out the oak sideboards and china cabinets. Hours later - still hadn't found any "deals" - but had seen some beautiful things. Because I was being single minded, we didn't spend a cent. Even with all that beautiful glass for sale. Hours of walking on concrete totally wrecked my back and feet for the remainder of the day. Good thing we just went home to pizza, beer, and football. Go, Patriots!

Sunday, slept later than I have in years. Eventually we ended up at Barnes and Noble where I bought Apples to Apples. We did manage to play it last night. Too funny. Mystical penguins?!?
Also went to another organ recital at the National Cathedral. I chose not to sit in the choir as last time that hurt my ears. So I sat by myself with a brand new book of poetry and had a marvelous time.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


not me personally - the weather outside.

I've been working on a Kreinik blackwork freebie. Stupid pattern has mistakes. But it's been so long since I've done any blackwork, I didn't see them until I'd already stitched them. I hate negative progress. How hard can it be to proofread a blackwork pattern? Follow the lines. Oh.
So I started following the lines, and sure enough there was another mistake, too. At least I found that one before I stitched it.

All is quiet here as the college kid keeps vampire hours. She doesn't sleep excessively, just till noon. Because she stays up till 4:00 a.m.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Year in Review

Gakked from Erin Expounds: Instructions: take the first sentence (or 2) from the first post of each month of 2005. That's your year in review.

January: So it's 2005. For the past 18 years I knew this would be a memorable year for my family as our DD will be graduated in June. Where has the time gone?

February: I realize that more than a few people seem to have a deep dislike for this month of the year. But I love it.

March: Now here I was congratulating myself and all on not getting that cold that passed through my house 3 weeks and wham! Now I've got it or another horrible version of it.

April: The last 2 times I tried to post, blogspot ate my entry.

May: Anyone who goes into the City needs to check out Strand Used Books - Strand Bookstore: 18 miles of Used Books, New Books, Rare Books and Out of Print Books

June: haven't died
am still very much alive
no free time
o stitching time
may be losing sanity...
In 3 weeks the packers will be loading our boxes and furniture onto a big truck...

July: Shucks. I'm working on quite the tan. Yeah - I know all about skin cancer. No lectures necessary.

August: When last you heard from me, I was about to get into a fully-loaded car with 2 teenagers and 2 cats and drive for 10 hours.

September: Katrina was a natural disaster. What happened after is a human tragedy.

October: Guess what comes out on DVD today? My darling daughter's favorite movie (when she was 3!) - this refers to Cinderella

November: As I sit here typing, the color outside the window continues to gain in intensity. The majority of the leaves have turned yellow and the sunlight is filtering through them to the forest floor in a beautfiful golden haze.

December: Hmm. I'm reminded of a song by Jem -
Who made up all the rules
We follow them like fools
Believe them to be true
Don't care to think them through

Huh. That was interesting.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Birthday Fun

Not mine, though.

I nicely made a wonderful breakfast complete with bloody mary for my hardworking hubby. We didn't do gifts, 'cause he was instructed to find his own - LOL. Not that I'm mean. It just worked out this way... Anyway - there's a Kangol hat he wants, but it's on backorder.

We went into the Kennedy Center yesterday to see the Salute to Vienna concert - the only official, sanctioned by Vienna touring version of their New Years concert. What's not to love about a world class orchestra, opera and ballet? There's the fun of dressing up and mingling with other well-dressed people. The soprano was simply amazing. Wunnerful, wunnerful.

Due to our severe lack of imagination, we stopped at the Sweetwater Tavern for dinner. Cheers for the Crazed Jackass Ale. It deserves its Silver Medal! I'm officially in love with the remoulade sauce that they serve with smoked salmon appetizer. Still not having any luck recreating it at home. I wonder if they'd be so kind as to share that recipe with me?

Came home, polished off the remaining whoopie pies we had left from New Years Day. (Which, btw, was tremendous fun. If only I hadn't woken up with a migraine. I did manage to pull off a heck of meal. Stuffed mushrooms and a crabmeat tropical thingy to start. Homemade mac n cheese, ham, carrots, brussel sprouts and french bread.) We had friends over and played pool and shot darts and drank Rudesheimer cafe... Made Italian sandwiches for supper.

So after writing all that - I definitely see the need to go find my workout togs and get on the Erg!

Monday, January 02, 2006


Hmm. If you post a comment to my blog, I might be more inclined to visit your website if you demostrated a decent command of English and a passing familiarity with the subjects that I deal with here.