Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Camp Wannastitch

Because of personal things, my ability to pack this year for camp was compromised. I totally forgot my goldwork project and Olivia Ostrich.

I made massive progress on my current crewel piece and would have finished but ran out of overdyed Pearsalls silk. Oops. 

Also finished stitching and beading my Kurdy Biggs paper piece and I forgot to bring things needed for finishing.

And my only finish was this little Fern Ridge pin called Daddy Long Legs. 

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

New Year, New(ish) Project

While casting around for which project to pick up first in the New Year, I remembered that the Loudoun Sampler Guild was taking on Queenstown's Phebe Nichols as a stitch along. 

I had barely started it. And worse, I already had a mistake. Started stitching and whoops, another mistake. Three threads in and I have made two big errors. Have I totally forgotten how to count? I sure hope not. 

My fabric is a Lakeside Linen, but which one I didn't right down. I used a conversion chart and am stitching with Cosmo floss. 

Cosmo is a six-stranded cotton from Japan made from long-staple Egyptian cotton. It feels yummy.