Monday, November 30, 2020

Catherine Agnes Progress

 Completed some spot motifs. Did a band. Established my limits on the upper right.

She's so pretty! 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

UFO Alert

 Catherine Agnes. She's been occupying space in my head since 2005.

And for some reason this morning she surfaced in my thoughts. 

I knew right where she was. Safe in her project box along with needles, Q-snaps, and the threads I had picked.

I bought her via mail order in 2005. Received the chart. And started collecting the threads. Promptly fell into a funk because the called for threads were so much paler than the photograph.

Took me forever to collect threads that met my approval. And I started this wonderful Indigo Rose design. 

But I put her down maybe 10+ years ago.

And now I know so much more. When I started this, half these stitches were new to me. Now, detached buttonhole, buttonhole bars, it's all familiar. I guess she was just waiting for me to catch up. 

So I put in some stitching on her today and she's now a WIP again and not a UFO!