Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Now I know why Starbucks started in Seattle. It won't stop raining here and all I can think of is coffee.

This is why I don't live in the tropics. Wave after wave of downpours. Intermittent sunshine that jacks the temperature up and leaves everything steaming.

We did get to the Beer Fest at Old Dominion on Saturday - before the worst of the rain started. Had a good time. Went with some friends and then came back to the house in time to see the Red Sox beat Philly. Then we grilled some steaks, etc.

Off to make my lists for what needs to be done and what needs to be packed before leaving on Thursday. NH, here we come. Again. And we're bringing the fat cat. 'Cause MIL requested his presence and she had her bad boy put to sleep last fall after a full and active life and I can't say no.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

big things

Now the new big black fridge has a name - the Hulk. The other fridge was white, so I am still surprised every time I walk into the kitchen or even near the door. At least now all the kitchen appliances match. I'm considering posing for a photo with the Hulk a la Carol Merril of Let's Make a Deal fame. And if I am this happy with a new fridge, I'll be ecstatic when we buy a new stove.

And our second big thing arrived yesterday - the Hulk's younger brother, Aquaman, the new huge hot water heater. Of course, I got soaked for some extra bucks on the installation because I needed a drip pan and new shut off valve. I sort of saw that coming. And as the original installation price was less than I thought it would be, I'm not that upset.

While they were installing the water heater, I took the time to remove things from the floor of the office - now I can vacuum. And then I had children move a china cabinet downstairs. It really does not go with our furniture upstairs. This necessitates moving all kinds of things around. And we definitely need bigger bookshelves in the office. I may still be able to remove the small desk from my bedroom, just not as soon as I was planning.

Did I mention how nice it is to be able to walk to the pool? Yeah for summer!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

a first

At 46, I have purchased my first refridgerator ever. The delivery was prompt and quick and they hooked up the water and everything. We already had the old fridge unplugged and unhooked from the water line. I had everything in coolers and have already got in the new fridge. It's large and black and I want to hug it. Much to my son's dismay. But he's happy 'cause it's the last day of school and he's officially a senior!

Monday, June 19, 2006

After Seeing an Inconvienent Truth

We did something I'd been putting off for a while.

I went a purchased a new hot water heater as ours is 18 years old I'm sure we'll be saving money and electricity with a new one. I wish I could afford to go tankless. But this new one will certainly help.

Then I bought a new refridgerator. Again saving money and electricty.

That really is some stashing.

An Inconvienent Truth

DH wasnted to see the movie yesterday and we did. I urge you all to see it.

Check it out at www.climatecrisis.net

Thank you.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Stitching Blogger's question 6/16

How many cross stitch books do you own and how often do you use them?

A lot. I'm not going to walk up 2 flights of stairs to count them either. But they are moving downstairs soon and then I will be able to catalog them properly. I've got books on samplers (yeah for Betty Ring!), blackwork, stumpwork, stitch dictionaries, needlepoint, embroidery, Chinese knotting, books in Italian, all kinds of lovely books.

I scour used books stores for books that are new to me.
I have purchased on ebay.
I always check out the crafts section of any bookstore.

Now. Do I use them?
I guess I'd say I consult them. I use them for inspiration and for reference.

My first "book" was the softcover flip book "Linen Stitches," purchased in 1988. My last book purchased was a reprint of Mary Thomas' book on embroidery stitches bought on June 1st.

blogging buddies

Forgive me for going so long without links.
I am in the process of creating them.
But I don't have time this morning.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

small start

I pulled out a small project yesterday - Carriage House Samplings "Love." It'll work up to about 2" x 3" on 32 ct. I actually had the fabric called for, but in 32 ct - Lakeside Linens "Autumn Gold." But what I didn't have was DMC 3011 and 3012. How I am missing these is beyond me. I picked out some substitutes as there is very little of these threads needed. I'm changing the date and using this as a small wedding present along with cold hard cash. This should work up very quickly and I'll need to go frame shopping.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

5 Things Meme

5 Things in my Fridge

Brita water pitcher
SAF yeast
Manchego cheese

5 Things in my Closet

Rubbermaid tote containing purses
shoes, but never enough shoes
1 German girls dress never worn by anyone in this household
my college graduation gown (wtf? that was more than 20 years ago)
my warm, comfy Red Sox hoodie

5 Things in my Purse

1 Sephora lipstick that's nearly empty and they don't make this color anymore
index cards

5 Things in my Car

local map
lots of CDs
cell phone charger
5/50 cord

Saturday, June 10, 2006

continuing to paint

Hmm. Guess I've never painted concrete blocks before. There is a coat of paint on them already, but it wasn't done very well. Definitely going to take more paint than I thought to cover the concrete.

There are still 3 nails sticking out of the wall. We used a crowbar to remove the 4th one last night. Took out a large hunk of concrete and DS nearly hurt himself falling over when it finally let go. I think my original idea to cut them off flush with the wall is better. They aren't hardened steel so I can't just bang them into breaking off. But it was strange to have my teenagers so excited about purchasing a crow bar...

Friday, June 09, 2006

giggle, snort

Just another week of with my ADD tendencies coming to the forefront...

I started out by moving stuff around in the kitchen. Okay. Good. Took done the vertical blinds. Which I haven't closed once in the 11 months we've been in this house. Need to hang pot rack. This points out the necessity of buying a new hanging fixture. So I stop and don't go any further. But have 2 piles of things on the dining room table that need to be sorted.

Instead of working on this yesterday, I decide it's time (while DH is away - are you reading this, honey?) to delete the homemade wooden shelving in the laundry room. It takes about 2 hours to move everything out of the way, to demolish the shelving, and to remove the nails from the wood. Now the wood is piled up in the gazebo - need to make a run to the transfer station. Had to go to the hardware store. Bought concrete patch, primer for covering mildew and mold, and paint. I patched the walls and started painting with the primer. I've got a little time this morning to paint some more, but then it's off to the Pentagon for a friend's promotion ceremony.
I really wanted to finish planting, but I like to get my hands in the dirt and don't need dirty fingers for appearing in public.

And I've got plans for a shelf over the windows in the kitchen.

So wandering around the hardware store with me was fun. Lucky me, that my DD can bounce from idea to idea with me.

Now let's see how much I can get finished before Sunday morning when DH comes home.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm Okay

That's all.

Now on to more fun stuff.

Had to take DS to Maryland last week for SATs. This gave me the opportunity to stop by the Stitching Post. Yeah for opportunity!

Got to see the new DMC variegated threads and I must say they are bright. And not subtle. And have way more variation than most overdyeds.

Bought a few things.

Ursula Michael's "Sailboat Friends" which looks marvelous in person. The picture on the chart stinks.

A Needle Pulling Thread - the new Canadian stitching magazine. This is their second issue. If I had paged through it, I might not have bought it. But it's glossy and interesting. Just not necessary for me at this time.

Stitch - found it at B & N. Thank you. But I've missed 2 issues. ARGH.

Mary Thomas' Dictionary of Stitches. Okay, I haven't even looked at this yet. But I just knew I had to add it to the library.

2 issues of Needlepoint Now to be used while trying to decide if this is for me or not. Should I join the ANG? I'm not sure.

Saw some beautiful crewel kits. The Tristan Brooks ones are small and affordable. The English ones are large and gorgeous and out of my budget.


It's 06.06.06 and we're all gonna die.

Seriously. This was the news this morning? Take your superstitious crap and shove it.


To let the bleeding heart liberal side out....

Stop screwing with the Constitution. We do not need a marriage amendment.