Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Catching Up

Will I ever? I feel like there are million things I need to work on and so little time. 

But to encourage myself, as I was looking through photos, I grabbed these.

These five pieces were my UFO Challenge last year. I finished 3 out of 5. That beauty with the turquoise and orange is still languishing. And this weekend I've got another class. 

That multiple canvas piece, which is Gay Ann Rogers Echoes of Elizabeth is also not done. Major guilt. But they are both a little bit further along than these photos show. I haven't given up entirely. 

I pulled this out of my stash to stare at after seeing the movie, Tim's Vermeer. If you haven't seen it, I will highly recommend it for your viewing pleasure. The obsession and detail in that movie are astounding. 
And here is the piece I bought last June really intending to have made major project by now. I haven't even pulled threads yet. This one is waiting me for me to feel like I can do it justice. I'm getting closer every day. Just not quite there yet.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Here Comes Donna

Here comes Donna with a big a$$ project... 

At the end of April I took a canvas embellishment class with Beth Robertson and Suzanne Howren and in June we meet again. 

I found this canvas on my travels in Florida at Needlepoint in Paradise. It's a wonderful full service needlepoint shop in Naples if you ever happen to get down that way. I saw it hanging up high on the wall and I just couldn't resist it. It's a Melissa Shirley design piece by the artist Linda Carter Holman. 

I've got one strawberry finished except for the beads which obviously get put on last. Also started my branches with the new Silk Straw thread. I've got one lily finished except for the middle, but I'm stitching the stuff around the lillies before doing their centers. There's a lot going on on this canvas. Birds, butterflies, bunnies, flowers, strawberries, tablecloth(or is that the table?), and that vase! Lots of discussion on the vase. 

I've got a long way to go, but it makes me smile every time I look at it. When I was young I had a dutch bunny named Sneakers. She was a happy, lively little thing. I guess that's why I like this so much. 

In other stitchy news:
Lots of projects going on. A couple of gift type things so I can't post about them.