Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fiber Fest

Yesterday I went to the Shenandoah Fiber Fest with a friend. I know most people go to buy yarn, etc. I know most people there are knitters. Color me different. I'm there to see the color combinations people put together when dyeing their own fibers. I'm there to appreciate the work people put into their finished projects. I'm there to enjoy a beautiful fall day and a hot dog and fries eaten at a picnic table in the sun. 

Oh. Yeah. I'm there for the animals. 

 Not sure what the bactrian camel was doing there. But he had plenty of personality.

 Aren't these alpacas just the sweetest looking things? 

Stopped at Wegman's on the way home in order to make burgers last night. Too bad I ran out of propane halfway through cooking them and had finish them in a frying pan. 

But all the way home, what I really wanted was to be there already to enjoy some afternoon outside stitching. 

Because I've been doing my pre-work for Diane Clements class "Ovals Rule" at Seminar. Nothing like ecru on ecru to defeat tired eyes. Can I just say how much I appreciate this photo? Look at that. In focus. The color is correct. Perfect. I'm getting pretty darn sick of teachers and designers using photos that are so far away from optimal. Take the time to get a decent photo. And reproduce correctly!

My basting is done. And thanks to yesterday, I've finished my padded satin stitch and moved on to buttonholing.