Sunday, June 18, 2023

Love Me Some Lindy Stitches

We did our first foray back into stitching in public on Tuesday. We're meeting at our Wegmans. But we have a new Barnes & Noble that may also work. 

So I started my rework for Ruffled Feathers from Lindy Stitches. Pretty colors. 

I've got till mid-July to stitch this. 


Saturday, June 10, 2023

Letters From Europe

 I am doing some virtual traveling this summer (and beyond because I have some obligation stitching) courtesy of Nicole Parkman and Hands Across the Sea.

Yes, I bought one of the 600 boxes. Love the thought, planning, and execution of this whole enterprise.

I started the first sample, Aglaia Shina, the Greek sampler on Tuesday, June 6th. I'm using one of precious pieces of Glenshee linen and AVAS silk. I'll try to remember to post which silk when I post more progress.