Friday, August 18, 2017

Thursday-Friday Round Up

I just finished a two day class with Laura Smith called Blue Ridge Harmony. This is a mixed media class involving lutradour, paint, heat tools, respirators, fabric, threads for both machine and hand stitching.

Let's just say way off the grid and out of my comfort zone.

But I thoroughly enjoyed learning new things. And thanks to Merchandise Night, I know own two books on machine embroidery.

Plus I scored some of my favorite older magazines.

And I made a beeline for Allison Cole like many people did. Bought three kits and two books. And will remember this seminar for the fabulous visit we had with Allison while waiting on line for lunch on Thursday. I didn't realize whose hair I was complimenting, then she turned around and we noticed her beautiful pin that she made before we ever saw her name tag. What a lovely person she is.

So one Moxie from a friend to get me through the day and I'm ready to face tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wednesday - Holly Days

A day in which I learn how to do real or nue.

Kay Stanis is a fabulous teacher. Spent the morning doing the prep work - lacing our frame, transferring our pattern, and winding our Koma.

After lunch, it was a slow slog. I managed four rows. Will do better at home with proper lighting and magnification. My turns are terrible, but I will have lots of practice.


More shopping, including a trip to Weaverville to visit Sassy Jacks, a new needlework shop that opened this summer.

Easy to get to, filled with charts, threads, fabrics, and fun stuff! Very charming owner and helpful staff. And they share a wall with a quilt store.

Tuesday night was a mini-class, Summertime Swan. This will grow up to be a card case. Nice use of Rhodes and crescents to make a swan.

Sunday and Monday

Lunch at Woolworth's restored soda fountain shop! And shopping on Sunday. Then off to tour Biltmore on Monday where every inch is spotless and shiny. 

EGA Seminar Blue Ridge Rendezvous

Trip down to Asheville included a stop in Raleigh @

A little retail therapy never hurts. Just threads for me.

Plus a lovely lunch at the Mediterranean cafe across the way.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

August FUN

Tomorrow is all about deadlines and packing.

I just finished two ornaments for the granddaughters. Off to the finisher they go. One deadline met.

Tomorrow I've got magazine deadlines to meet. Should be doable.

But also laundry and packing.

Because bestie and I leave for North Carolina early Saturday morning. We're heading to Asheville for the EGA Seminar.

We're excited! Time to challenge ourselves in classes and hang out with new friends and old friends who all love stitching!

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Bunny Finish

Completely adorable Melissa Shirley bunny canvas. Driving a carrot car - ha!