Sunday, December 31, 2006

nope nope nope

still can't post photos for some reason
It looks like the process works, but nothing shows up.


Happy New Year everyone!

Tonight I'm making some Spanish food for the family. I have an authentic tortilla recipe from Spanish friends. I googled on line and came up with a pork cutlet recipe, a spinach recipe, and an orange cake.

Tomorrow is a traditional roast chicken dinner.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ah my Mistake

It's been pointed out to me that there is more than one thing called "remember the ladies." I am referring to the Kreinik kit called "Abigail's Wisdom." Which is what I was stitching on Friday.

Yesterday I joined some friends, old and new, from RCTN for a little shopping at the Stitching Post in Baltimore. New additions to the stash are:

two pieces of weaver's cloth for punch needle
a fat quarter of 32 ct Glenshee
a short piece of linen banding with evergreen trees woven into the edging
a very small frame for my current silk gauze project
a Stitch and Zip needlepoint purse kit - which I already started -
purpose to hold my new Nintendo DS Lite
The Workbasket's "A Stitch in Time" with the saying "a stitch in time saves my mind"
Little House Needleworks - "Ye Olde Coffee House"
By the Bay Needleart's - "White Pumpkin Patch"

We had a lovely time and terrific lunch at the Candlelight Inn.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Two Days in a Row

I stitched more on my kitty face yesterday. I was cruising right along and then suddenly it was nearly making me blind. But I can finish this. Sometime soon even. Now if I can just get blogger to let me post photos again.

After the near blinding I moved on to another UFO - the Kreinik kit of "remember the ladies." When I started this, I was burnt out on over one stitching and decided to stitch the yellow tulips without the tent stitch over one, but just using regular crosses. The next time I picked it up, I decided there wasn't enough variation between the shades of yellow and frogged the cross stitches and started the tent stitch. Of course, that's where I left it. So now one tulip has the tent stitch interior that was the original design. I'm not looking forward to the over one writing in the middle of this. There's so much of it. I'll have to check my old stitching journal to see what fabric this is. I'm pretty sure I'm using some 32ct. I know a few others who have this as a UFO. Maybe I can convince them to stitch along with me. Anyone here need to finish this?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Actual Stitching

Yesterday afternoon after policing up all the paper recycling and putting away the wrapping stuff that needs saving for future use, I actual sat down to stitch.

What I picked up is my Kreinik kit of the black and white kitty face on 40ct silk gauze. It took me nearly 1/2 an hour to figure out exactly where I had left off on this. All those shades of gray and black. But I did find my ending point eventually and stitched while beginning supper. (Artichokes and linguine with shrimpies. Yum.) Now the face of my possessed little kitty is staring at me. I'd do the eyes, but then I'm afraid I'd really be creeped out, so I'm saving those for last.

re: Stitch Bitch comment

I've been trying like heck to post a comment on your blog and it keeps telling me that I'm using the wrong password. Which is funny, 'cause it's the same password that let's me sign in here to begin with. Oh well. Just more screwing up on the part of blogger/google/mozzilla.

So here it is for the Stitch Bitch:

Would you believe that for the past month, every time I clicked on my link to your blog I went to your Nov. 19th post. All this time I've been worried that the foot surgery went horribly awry and you were suffering terribly. So glad to be able to "see" your blog this morning and to find that you're recovering. Yeah!

As to the shoe issue - after my foot surgery, when I finally got out of the surgical boot (which I really wanted to burn when, but didn't) I found that my sneakers were way too tight across my foot for comfort. I went and bought a cheap extra wide slip on shoe at K-mart that was stiff enough to provide some measure of protection. Even today, nearly 3 years later, if anyone even comes close to stepping on that foot, I have a major meltdown.

Love the UFO stuff, too! Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Brain Age

Okay. So I've been playing with my little Nintendo DS Lite for 3 days now and it thinks my brain age is my actual age. I don't feel so insulted anymore.

But I still wish there were things I could remember more clearly. Like which class in college did I read parts of the Decameron in? I was so thrilled by it I went to the library and read the whole thing. But I can't remember which class or which professor it was. And I feel like I should be able to remember that. It was only 25-26 years ago...

Yes we joined the mad frenzy yesterday at the outlet stores. Needed to take DH with his new Seiko to have the band adjusted. Then we started the birthday shopping for him - 2 new pair of pants, 2 new shirts, a new pair of Pumas. Bought DD a Puma hat and shoes and new socks. She bought her own jeans. Then it was on to Best Buy to buy a camera case and memory card for DS's camera - I thought my camera took the same kind, but was wrong and was going to let him have my second card. Bought more games for my little Nintendo which obviously needs a name. It's white - maybe Snowflake?

Went to the Hard Times Cafe for supper. Three cheers for Chili Mac and beer.

Today is hanging out day. Laundry, library. DS is at track practice. DD just left for a run. I'm off to the showers and then maybe some afternoon stitching. That would be wonderful.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Day After

Festivities are over with and now life can return to "normal." No more dreams of what I didn't buy or what needs to be wrapped.

Everyone in my family knows better than to try and shop for me at any type of craft store. LOL But I am going on a shopping excursion with friends to the Stitching Post on Friday. Lots of fun, even if I don't buy much.

Santa Baby bought me a Ninento DS Lite with Brain Age. Yes, I asked for this nearly a year ago. I've begun training as my brain age was a pitiful 62. 'Cause the machine didn't like my handwriting. I'm sure I'll get this down to a more realistic age in short order.

DS disappeared for five hours with his copy of Medieval II, Total War. LOL I threatened to turn the machine off if he didn't remove himself. He didn't even think about food in that time. How very strange for a teenage boy.

and I am officially proclaiming myself the Gravy Queen. I have perfected the art of perfect gravy. On Thanksgiving it the was the best turkey gravy ever. Yesterday it was the best roast beast gravy ever. The mashed potatoes are just a vehicle for getting the gravy into one's mouth. Oh my.

And finally I guilted the party who swore he was going to make Christmas cookies and kept putting it off, into making cookies late yesterday. Mmmm. Snickerdoodles.

Friday, December 22, 2006

swiped book meme

Totally swiped the below meme. From Res Ipsa - - via Jenn at Needleful Things -

Will confess to being an English major - be prepared.

Earlier today, I came across the list of "30 Classics" selected in 1984 by William Bennett, then Chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities. The author of the blog where I saw the list had noted beside each title whether and when she’d read it, which seemed like a great idea for a blog post. So here ya go:

(1) The Works of Shakespeare: Only plays I can say for certain I haven't read - Othello and Titus Andronicus. Also read many, many sonnets.

(2) Declaration of Independence: Most certainly. And the Constitution, too.

(4) Poems of Emily Dickinson: Collected Poems of Emily still on my bookshelf. Love her.

(5) Poems of Robert Frost: Collected Poems of Robert Frost still on my bookshelf. Bobbo, you rock.

(6) Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter: Yup. On my own from the town library. Was what - 10?

(7) F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby: High school or college? Can't remember. Read it first on my own.

(8) George Orwell, 1984: High School - Anyone for a chorus of "Sex Crimes?"

(9) Homer, The Odyssey and The Iliad: Odyssey, yes. Iliad, no.

(10) Charles Dickens, Great Expectations & Tale of Two Cities: GE - 8th grade. What was the teacher thinking? AToTC - nope.

(11) Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales: College. Do I get extra points for having read Boccacia's Decameron also?

(12) J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye: Never in school. But have read this many times.

(13) The Bible: Brought up Catholic and they didn't encourage reading this on your own. No longer consider myself Christian - am a UU - and have read quite a bit of it on my own.

(14) Henry David Thoreau, Walden: For sure. On my own.

(15) Sophocles, Oedipus: Yes. Read all the Greek plays.

(16) John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath: Yes. Can't remember if high school or college. This book reads like poetry.

(17) Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essays and poems: Yup.

(18) Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass: Walt, my man. Even quoted him in my high school yearbook. Collected poems and essays still on my bookshelf.

(19) Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice: Love this book. Probably have read it a dozen times.

(20) Herman Melville, Moby Dick: Okay. Now as an English major I had successfully avoided this book. Billy Budd had bored the pants off me in high school. But there was this UU minister who would preach a sermon based on Moby Dick every year who inspired me to read this book. Terrific. I love it. Melville can even be funny sometimes.

(21) Anything by William Faulkner: Ah you twisted man. Read the Sound and the Fury in college and then promptly read everything else of his I could get my hands on.

(22) John Milton, Paradise Lost. No.

(23) Vergil, The Aeneid. No.

(24) Plato, The Republic. I have this on my bookshelf, too.

(25) Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto. Dabbled in this one on my own. Haven't read the entire thing.

(26) Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince: Pieces of it. Not the entire thing.

(27) Alexis DeTocqueville, Democracy in America: On the bookshelf in the future read pile.

(28) Feodor Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment: Yes. In high school. Prompted me to go read more of him and all the other Russians.

(29) Aristotle, Politics. No, just excerpts.

(30) Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace: First book I didn't finish reading ever. I remember being at page 125 and being pissed off that I hadn't seen the same characters again. He was still introducing the darn people. And I loved Anna Kareninia.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ghosties in the machines

I tried posting this morning from the desktop and no go. Kept making me go back and sign in. Sigh. Now I am on the laptop and voila, the dashboard came right up and I didn't have to sign in. Sigh. I'm confuzzled.

Literally do not think my brain is working properly. Need a Nintendo DS and the Brain Age game. Or something. One Sudoku a day is not enough apparently. LOL

But all shopping is finished except something I'm trying to find for teenage boy. Took my daughter to the stores off the beaten track - re: Old Town Alexandria today. Not a place to shop for a teenage boy. Once you leave the confines of Best Buy, all teenage boy shopping had better be finished. Did love the Brit in the Ten Thousand Villages who wished me a Happy Christmas. Made my day.

Stitching. None. But plans for a shopping adventure with friends after Christmas. That should prove inspiring.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I've been bad at writing here. Another crappy cold. Very frustrating.

Went back to NH for a quick trip for in-laws 50th anniversary. What a long ride. But it so much better with 2 drivers.

Finished painting my needlepoint canvas. I need to go to the store some day when the teacher is working and pick colors. I think I know how I want to do the background - I'm certainly not leaving it plain tent stitch.

And I picked up a cheapo punch needle kit and needle at AC Moore. I was thinking that this might be easy to do with failing eyesight. Especially at night. Am experimenting with learning good technique. And I am wondering why anyone spends any money on patterns for this when you can use any type of design found free on the 'net.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

quick update

I'm back in Virginia after a whirlwind trip to NH. Poor DH had a cold and was miserable for a good part of the time and now I've got it. Don't feel too bad, but don't have a voice either. I'm squeaky like the cat.

Stopped in Worcester to see college girl. We fed her and bought her groceries. And in general enjoyed her presence.

Spent Saturday in a frenzy and succeeded in finishing shopping for all Christmas presents and birthdays to save myself postage. Got everything wrapped and beribboned. Met the new kitty that lives with my in-laws. A good match for both feline and humans.
Went out for seafood dinner. If someone had tried to steal a bite of my haddock I would have stabbed them with my fork. DD arrived courtesy of boyfriend. Two underage kids brought a bottle of champagne to my in-laws as a present. They didn't realize that they were breaking the law. Duh.

Got up early Sunday. DD and I went with sister and nephew to our old church, South Church, in Portsmouth NH. I love that building. I know we moved away 12 years ago, but I am surprised that there was not one familiar face there. Enjoyed a sermon about doing less at the holidays.

Our brunch anniversary party was no surprise to in-laws. Things went well and I was glad that I went instead of sending DH alone.

Had an incident free drive back to VA yesterday. I'm exhausted. And I think it's Monday. LOL

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nope I Haven't Fallen off the Face of the Earth

Certain things are interesting right now. Personally. Just trying to digest some info and now my brain is clogged.

On the other hand - we've had a change in plans and now I'm going to NH this weekend. It's the in-laws 50th anniversary. We'll stop and see the darling one, college girl, on the way by Worcester. Take her out for a meal. Bug her. She'll be home on the 19th.

Meanwhile, I'm suddenly in overdrive. Trying to finish shopping and wrapping so I can take presents with me, instead of paying postage to mail. Holiday cards again take a backseat. I've got a scrapbook album to do - but it's quick and painless. The wedding photo, wedding photos of the kids, a few family photos, decorate some blank pages for cards and letters. Nothing too complicated.

Meanwhile I took an awesome class at my LNS on Sunday night. It was about handpainting needlepoint canvases. Totally cool. I get the entire canvas painted and I figure out my photo posting problem, I'll post a picture.

Friday, December 01, 2006


How do you secure your thread when you begin a new one? Specifically, do you or have you ever used a waste knot?

If using 2 threads of non-variegared floss, I loop start. Always.
If not, I will use my version of a waste knot (I weave the thread through the edge of the fabric a couple of times using enough thread to be able to rethread my needle later).

After there is enough coverage on the back of a piece, I will just anchor the thread on the back and stitch from there.