Monday, December 27, 2004

Not Bad

Christmas was pretty darn good.

Hoping to get to Yankee Cross Stitch today or tomorrow. Got a little bit of shopping to do.

A favorite gift came in my stocking - a little book called "Bad Cat." Too funny. Way too funny. It's photos of cats with captions, names, ages, and hobbies.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

No Can Do

Cannot get the Stitching Bloggers Question of the Week site to load.
A quick glance at a few other blogs and I don't see anyone who commented.

Time to decide what to bring home with me to NH to work on whilst visiting over the Christmas break. It would be nice to actually finish something so that I have something to share at show n tell at our January EGA meeting. Of course, I can't compete with these women in my chapter who spend bundles on finishing. Many of them mail their finished projects away and let someone else do it. The results are frequently stunning.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

In Which I Acknowledge the Value of Lists

I totally agree with Anna's comment about making a packing list.

My problem right now is what I'm going to forget to put on the list.

Or worse. The other day I made a list, then forgot the list!


My short term memory has taken a decided turn for the worse. Fortunately I haven't forgotton a child anywhere yet. But it could happen.

I am forgetting names of people. What movie I watched last night. Who was in the movie I watched last night. What I walked into the room to get. Why I opened the fridge while making dinner.

My current favorite saying is "I'm such an idiot."

Friday, December 17, 2004

Overtaken by Christmas Stress

I've fallen victim to the too-much-to-do syndrome

Could it be that I get no help whatsoever?

Somehow it always makes me feel like scrooge this time of year when my burnout point approaches.

But this year I have the added bonus of faulty memory.
Some things are not making it out of my short term memory and into my longterm memory.

I just know I'm going to forget to pack something major next week for the trip home.

Time to get cracking.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Someone Just Sucked All the Life Outta Me

On His Way Out The Door!

Now I just want to curl up and cry.

How I hate this.

I now I've managed to screw up a few things this year, and because of my willingness to admit it, I've lost all power in this relationship. Things that were once evenly balanced aren't any more. So if I go and take care of any of the things I just got criticized about, it just feels like handing him more power - you were right! I was wrong!

Horrible timing. Too much to do to have the luxury of wallowing.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Been Going to the Gym

Yes, I have recently become a gym rat. Been going with the teenagers and without the teenagers. At least 3 times a week.

I hate the local WW leader and stopped going.

But if I can continue to use the gym, things should improve bodywise.

stitching bloggers QOTW 12/13

Obligation Stitching: Yes? No? Maybe?

I gave up obligation stitching eight years ago and I am a much happier person for it.
Now I only stitch what I love. For a few years, I even only stitched for me. I still give the occasional gift, but not like how I used to be - where I would stitch something for someone under a deadline and end up hating what I was doing.

There was this Dimensions kit of a southwest scene done in pastel colors that matched my MIL's guest room. I ended up hating it. Even stopped stitching for 2 years. And now everytime I go home, I get to admire it in the bedroom. LOL

Yarn Fun

No stitching for me!

But I did crochet a scarf with Lion Brand's Fun Fur. It's long and pastelly and totally cute.

I wore it to my EGA meeting and garnered lots of compliments. Two other ladies were knitting their versions.

Then I wore it on Friday and even had total strangers commenting.

Thanks to Caryn for the inspiration to do this!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The World is Full of Crazy People

And I unfortunately had to spend an hour on the phone this morning with one of them. I think this lost hour is going to color my entire day.

Toddling off to find my equanimity.

Monday, December 06, 2004

A Quiet Weekend

Not much happening. We went to see the Incredibles on Saturday. Came home to watch our Alma Mater, UNH, lose big time to Montana. Like Army, UNH was only able to play one quarter of good football. Next year, boys. That was their first road game loss all season.

I did get all the house decorated and the boxes put away last week. So downstairs is looking pretty good. Upstairs, who cares? We may be eaten in our sleep by giant dust bunnies. If they can get organized...

I got simple directions from a friend on how to make a quick, quirky scarf with Lion Brand Fun Fur. Of course, these are knitting directions. As I started I knew this would not be quick for me. So out came the crochet hooks. After a little experimenting, I found something that worked for me. Didn't take long at all, but I think I need a second skein - actually need like half a skein - to get the length I want. To think I'm seeing these things for sale for $20!

Off to find a place online to purchase holders for photos negatives...I've got 20 years worth that need sorting.

stitching bloggers QOTW 12/6

What has been your most interesting stitching related injury?

That would have to be a sewing machine incident that involved sewing the material to my thumb. Didn't hurt. Didn't even know I did it till I tried to move my hand away from the material. I just kind of caught the dry skin right next to my nail.

Lovely, huh?

Friday, December 03, 2004

Holiday Season is so Manic/depressive

One minute I'm up. Next minute I'm not.
I know this mostly has to do with the disappearing sunlight, but then throw all the holiday guilt/pressure into it, and I'm a mess.

I was decorating our tree yesterday and pulled out an ornament that my DD made in 10 years ago in second grade. As I was admiring it, I started thinking about friends who lost their younger son last year when he was only nineteen. This will their families second holiday season without him. Then I started thinking about all those families who have lost a son or daughter in Iraq and Afghanistan. The thought of all those mothers unpacking old Christmas ornaments made by children long ago made me sit and cry for an hour.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Welcome to December

I am not ready for this.

Someone please turn back the clocks.

Major panic mode coming on.

Running out of money, too! Argh.