Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gift Certificate

I finally have figured out what I will be ordering with a gift certificate I have to Nordic Needle:

Tony Minieri's Back to Basics DVDs.

See the post here on Needlepoint Study Hall. 

I don't need any new projects. I don't need fibers or fabric. (At the moment.) 

But reference materials are always welcome! 

Speaking of which, I have a package winging my way from England. I can hardly wait to show you what I ordered. 

I finally have moved on with Stars. But I am in dislike with the Ingrid Bergman black. Not enjoying this one at all. And because of my dislike I've been making stupid mistakes which only prolong the agony. Phhh. Probably less than an hour stitching time left on this one and then I can move on to my last block. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kimono Photo Update

I am really not happy when my photos get turned. But here's my Kimono with sections 1-13 finished. 

I am really happy with how this looks. There's a little bit of bling in the form of Kreinik braid. And each section looks like a little bit of fabric which is the goal of the piece. 

I'm totally digging my colors. Looks even prettier in person! 

edit:  Just want to clarify. This photo was taken in landscape mode. It was saved in landscape mode on my computer. Blogger has turned it for no apparent reason. Also, it was turned by yahoogroups in my posting there. These things make me very unhappy. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

TUSAL and Update

I missed the new moon posting so here's my TUSAL for February. 

Those three empty containers are what my orts got put in this month. The blue folding one is a traveler. And so is the little acrylic jar. And the one on the left is a Victorian Hair Tidy - it even says Hair Tidy on the metal top. The hair tidy jar sits beside my chair in the living room where I do a fair amount of my at home stitching. I combined everything on one wine glass for my total for the month. I was sad to see my Stars colors on the bottom of the pile because I haven't added to that pile. Which was my stated goal.

Face it. I am terrible with goals. It's almost like they work in a opposite way for me. State a goal out loud and then I set out to NOT meet it.

Almost finished with my Kimono for the month. Will update by Monday. Made little progress on my Amy Mitten. And a little progress on my Garden Gate Quaker. 

I am contemplating ANG Seminar. I'll be carting that booklet around with me while trying to puzzle out if this is doable. Friends are going. I want to go. And if it's doable, what should I take? Oh decisions, decisions. 

A link in case you don't know what I am babbling about - American Needlepoint Guild - ANG.  Unfortunately this year's Seminar information is not online yet. But it will be soon!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kimono Update

First, apologies for lack of posting. I've got company. And have been staying off the computer. 

But I've found some time to come and update one project at least.

Yesterday we went to Gettysburg. The last time I was there was January of 1977. Been a while. LOL

The Cyclorama has been renovated and rehoused in the new Visitor's Center which opened in 2008. You can take photos in here without a flash. It looks amazing. Way better than when I saw it 35 years ago. 

 You can find needlework almost anywhere. This is a table runner made out of a piece of canvas from a hospital tent. Upcycling!

Me and two of my favorite guys!

At the Trostle Farm. See the hole in the brick uppper section? That was made by a cannonball in July of 1863.  

Random photo taken from the High Water Mark in the fading afternoon light. After we left here, we went and had dinner at the Dobbin Tavern - our colonial inspired fare was wonderful. 

Of course, blogger has turned this photo sideways. Sorry. 

Here's where I am on my Kimono. Almost done with section 9. We're supposed to be finished through section 13 this month. See section two done there on the left? I started this fan stitch with a Threadworx. Wasn't sure what I thought about it. Decided to stitch around it. And then when I got to section 9, I decided to use it there. So section two will get unstitched and I'll use something else there. I'm loving how my colors are working together and I fell pretty confident about just reaching into my bag and pulling something out and stitching. I did have one miscount, but it was easily frogged and redone correctly. Not sure how I made that mistake in counting my outline, but I did. I'll be checking more carefully from now on, because the next mistake is apt to be harder to fix.  

Meet the Ladies Stitching the Village

A story from the UK. Love these ladies. I have friends like this. Maybe I should start something? But where to begin?

a close-knit community

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Designer for Sampler Lovers

My friend, LaDonna, who's personal blog is here, has started designing reproduction and adaptation type samplers. She's just finished her term as President for the Loudoun Sampler Guild and she's moving on to new things!

Her new designs are headed to Market and she's excited! You can see her stuff here:

Black Branch Needlework

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Erica Wilson Videos Online

This will bring back memories for some of us! and maybe inspire others of us. 

I consider this a companion to watching my French Chef DVDs. 

Erica Wilson

Tuesday, February 14, 2012