Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Early Present

Got an early Mother's Day present yesterday. DH ordered MLB for me so I could watch the Red Sox! How awesome is that?!?!?

Watched 'em beat the Tribe last night. Very good.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday morning

Yesterday we purchased one of those garden gazebos things for which you can also get the hanging screens. Which we also got. Because those flippin' mosquitos from Asia are nasty. They are out all day long. And they are vicious. So I now have a refuse from the buggies. And my swing fits inside. Just need to do a little work in the yard and it will be wonderful.

Wasn't that difficult to set up, but the directions said 30-45 minutes. They woefully underestimated the time. And I'm not sure how 2 people are supposed to be able to lift the roof and get it attached. Fortunately DS was home and he got roped into helping at that point.

This will be hubby's #1 spot for cigar enjoyment. CAUSE I don't let him smoke in the house. Ever.

Friday, April 21, 2006

sbqotw 4/21

Do you do obligation or deadline-based stitching? Why or why not? If you do, do you tend to get in over your head and why?

Oh. Once upon a time the majority of my stitching was obligation/deadline. Then I got stuck doing a piece that I really didn't like. Large, pastels on 14 ct aida. Uck. That sucked so much joy out my stitching that I actually stopped. I restarted about 18 months later with a move that brought me within 1/2 hour drive of the Fuzzy Penguin in Sacramento. Joy rediscovered. That and the internet fueled the addiction again.

But this time I made myself a promise. I was not going to stitch anything I didn't love. No more presents for people. I was stitching for me alone. Joy rediscovered x 10!

Since then I have stitched another pastel project - again the colors didn't thrill me, but the finished work is my glorious Newburyport Sampler so I am happy. And I had a brief stint as a model stitcher. NOT for me as I no longer had time to stitch for myself. But it was an interesting experience.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

lovely spring day

That's what we'll have today. I may actually try some outdoor stitching as I don't think we're supposed to be having strong winds.

DS has a track meet so it's just hubby and me for dinner. Tuna steaks anyone?

Back is not quite right. And I need to vaccum, but would hate to aggravate this condition.

While in NH last week, my sister and made a day of it. Went to the Christmas Tree Shop and picked up a few things. Then started hitting the antique stores. Lunch at Pizza by Alex in Biddeford ME, which I recommend highly. If I lived near this place, I would eat pizza at least 3 times a week. It's that good.

Not much luck antique hunting. Usually I find all kinds of things I can't live without. In ME all I purchased was a cut glass creamer. It's gorgeous in the sunlight. In NH I found an art deco mirror tray for my dresser. That's it. Pitiful. Spent all my money on single malt scotchs for DH at the infamous NH State Liquor store. Scotch. Ugggh.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

freakin' back

Strained that freakin' twingy muscle in my back this morning. GAck. Just when the weather is going back to nice and sunny. Feel a tremendous need to get outside and dig. Poor poor me...

Meanwhile I'm looking around the office at the stuff I piled up to freecycle. But don't feel up to it. Maybe tomorrow.

And how did I forget to watch the Boston Marathon yesterday? Sigh. I knew it was Patriots Day. Kuddos to the American men for placing 5 finishers in the top 10. Maybe men's distance running is making that long awaited comeback here in the U.S.

If I can get comfortable sitting later - some IB and heat may help - I need to finish EGA project. Desperately. As the finishing part of this project is next week. Got some more ideas from my sister for the embellishments. Don't know how I'd forgotton ladyslippers. I guess I was only thinking about what blooms at the lake in the summer, which actually isn't much under all those pine trees. Which then made me remember my Gram's irises. This adds up to choices of - lily pads, ladyslippers, irises, pine trees, blueberry bushes, and maybe a spider web 'cause they look cool. Maybe throw in some strawberries. And then I'll have an ornie that will remind me of one of my favorite places in the whole world.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I am Ironwoman of the Roadways

Drove from VA to NH on Wednesday - 540 miles.
Drove back yesterday - 530 miles.

I am totally and completely drained. And I'm obviously way too nice to my children who had requested this trip (brought DS to visit his sister at college.) And I took the bone rattling Mazda Protege 'cause it gets better gas mileage. I was vibrating for a half an hour after I stopped driving.

And I get to do this again in May when I go to pick DD up from school. Yup. Certify me.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Red Sox

Red Sox Sweep O's in 3

Camden Yards, I mean, Fenway South. There literally are more Red Sox fans in the stands than O's fans. Ouch. Must be tough to be an O's fan.

Yesterday was our first trip to Camden Yards. Beautiful park. Nice people. We are definitely going back there.

Only regret is no one hit a homerun yesterday. But batting practice was lots of fun. Especially as our seats were 5th row left field.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

stitching bloggers' question of the week

Do you stitch “on the go?” (On the commute to and from work, during your lunch break, waiting for the kids, etc.) If so, do you have a specific “travel” project or do you just grab whatever you happen to be working on and take it with you?

Of course this question presupposes that I work outside of the home. Which I don't. So I don't do that kind of on the go stitching. I do take projects with me when I go places - like sitting in the auditorium before a performance. Waiting in the car for a kid to leave practice. Etc. I don't do it all the time. Frequently what I'm working on is too complicated for travel.


We have tickets to the Red Sox game on Sunday!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Not sick

Not sick. Not drunk. Just can't believe he's actually pointing that camera at me... Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 03, 2006

How to Update when Nothing is Happening


I could just leave it there.

But that would be mean.

No. Wait. I remember now.

Met some very nice ladies who own a shop called 3 Sisters Needlework in Woodbridge, VA. If it wasn't so far away, I would definitely join them for their stitch nights. Found MLI's Celtic Banner on sale. Now I had no intention of buying anything else she had designed. And just looking at this piece as packaged, I had been rejecting it for years. But then I saw it stitched and hanging at Woodlawn. And it became irrestible to me.

This is why we need actual real life stores. Just looking at the picture of a project is not enough for some of us. We need to see it see it.