Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Woodlawn Entries 2019

Looking across the dining room we have my version of Sue Kerndt's Holiday Patches.

We stitched this in my ANG guild and many of us changed our design. In my case, I didn't see a need for a larger framed Christmas piece and when I started considering what to do, map fabric inspired me. Hubby is a map guy, so I stitched this for him.
I have found much more map fabric since I stitched this. But if you look closely, you can see I got Honolulu in there which is where he was born. And Scotland for his fondness of whisky.

Then I moved a motif and made it larger to be a compass rose, designed a surveyor's transit, and named the piece Love is a Journey.

No ribbon and I didn't expect one as I knew the quality of my stitching on this.

We also had a beautifully stitched gray, black, and yellow version and an original Holiday design in the show. It's disappointing that the house does not hang these together as we stitchers love to compare and contrast.
I also entered my Bowie piece "Serious Moonlight"

I've documented this before here and won't go into the details. Did get a 2nd place ribbon and will be sending this to my daughter who is a Bowie fanatic.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Mini March Finishes

 I'm not a college basketball fan, but I sometimes fill out a bracket just for fun. Anyway, this cartoon struck my funny bone.
 Then I finally finished stitching these two canvas weights, got out my sewing machine, and stuffed them with bbs and some fiberfill.
 I did these for the shop, thus the initials, Waste Knot Needlepoint. Counted out the letters and stitched them with Planet Earth wool. These will help us when taping a rolled canvas. Or when a customer brings in a stocking that they are working on that's rolled.
And here's my next class, an online class with the Gingerbread Girl Designs, otherwise known as as Kathryn Drummond, from Canada.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

March Class #2

 Mid March my EGA Chapter hosted Kurdy Biggs for her Creme de la Creme class. You could make it as a cube, a box (which is a cube that opens), or as ornaments.
I chose cube and it matters on the placement on your canvas so you had to make a decision right away. So hard first thing in the morning. These are photos of Kurdy's piece. No way am I that fast. There are three sides each stitched twice. Lots of Jessicas. Was it 240? I think I've purposely blanked that out of my mind. Lots of pearls. So pretty.

She teaches a great class and we all had fun including a dinner with schnitzel and black forest cake, or gateau if you watch a lot of the Great British Baking Show.

Also had the pleasure of being able to take her to the Woodlawn Needlework Show before bringing her back to National Airport. She had a ribbon on one of her own stocking designs. But I think she was more thrilled to see a piece of hers that someone else had stitched and entered in the show. Fun hanging with someone who views the world as potential needlework designs. Don't be surprised if someday she has a dodecahedron piece...

My piece has sort of languished since the class. But I have finished another Kurdy design since then. More on that later.